Samsung Shows Off High-Style SGH-L170

Mobileburn writes:

"Samsung showed off its SGH-L170 at the 2008 Mobile World Congress last week, and it's quite the looker. Sporting a 2 megapixel camera and a secondary front-facing VGA-resolution camera for video calling (where supported), the L170 is certainly appears to be a very nice device."

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Bleucrunch3780d ago

Again who really cares for this game by capcom, this is not the best out of their basket and really is a none factor when you think of it. IMO!

Silvia0073780d ago

What are you smoking? I want some!

gta_cb3780d ago

are you talking about the Lost Planet article? lol

chelseafc3780d ago

lmao o damn i think ill smoke wat hes smoking jeez wen i read wat he put first time i nearly pissed

gta_cb3780d ago

all the newest phones have the 5mp camera and samsung release this with .... 2mp! .....