3DS outsells Vita 46:1 in Japan, nears PS3 lifetime sales

Last week’s official Japanese sales figures are in and once again the Nintendo 3DS has stamped its authority as the number one games system in Japan at the moment. We already knew courtest of Satoru Iwata that Animal Crossing had sold over 600,000 copies but the hardware figures are just as impressive...

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Nutsack1948d ago

Wii outsold both 360 and PS3 too, yet the Wii is rubbish PS360 gave the best gaming experience and online.

3DS is your choice if you just want to play 1st party decades old rehashed IP's. If you want adult games and more new surprising IP's then PSVita is the way to go.

A gamer plays games, not sales.

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GribbleGrunger1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

What? You're right, it did outsell the 360 but by a pitiful margin: 360 (2,817) Wii (2,963) but the PS3? (19,101). Where did you just pull that idea from?

Neonridr1948d ago

new surprising IP's - like the vanishing game library.

Leroy1947d ago

He's talking bout lifetime sales. Or at least I think he is.

Apex131947d ago

genius, lets talk life time sales and global.

And yes I have all 3 systems but give respect where it's due.

phantomexe1947d ago

I'll agree with you for now but i'm convinced the vita games will get better. i have only picked up 2 games for my vita uncharted and AC. I started to get cod buts a friend let my mess around with his and it's not for me.

darthv721947d ago

is a subjective term. had you gone on to express why you feel its better would make more sense. Generalizing like that is somewhat pointless.

Appeal is different to everyone and as such there is no better or worse when it comes to personal preference.

Snookies121947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Game wise at the moment? Yes. Hardware? No.

Besides, it's all just preference anyway, what does it matter? I have a Vita, but would love to grab up a 3DS at some point. :]

MuhammadJA1947d ago

Actually, no. If you're talking about the hardware, then Vita is better. More powerful and better online capabilities. As for games, that's subjective. It depends on one's preference.

Tewi-Inaba1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

@ pony
I think you mean at 46:1s preference


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AfricanGamer9ja1947d ago

I still cannot get my head round how nintendo just keeps dominating even tho it is very clear there hardware is the weakest. How someone will see a PSP2 with all the high-end features and games and still go for the DS.

NYC_Gamer1947d ago

Its because Nintendo has first party software that appeals to every type of gamer....

SuperShyGuy1947d ago

It's always been like that in the handheld market.

GameBoy with a green screen put down all challengers Lynx, TurboExpress and GameGear

GBA put down NeoGeo pocket and NGage

DS put down PSP

3DS is putting down Vita

You would have thought Sony would have learned from everyone else's mistake and realized superior tech doesn't matter

Mainsqueeze1947d ago

Because fun to most people isn't what type of graphics hardware can pull off. When compared to the 3DS the vita gets crushed in fun handheld experiences, IMO.

deletingthis346753341947d ago

Except superior tech and better graphics don't change the fact Nintendo games have much larger audience and more fans than Sony games. Something you are not comprehending for some reason. You cannot play Mario or Zelda on a Vita. People buy Nintendo hardware for MARIO AND ZELDA, not silicon chips on a PCB.

--Onilink--1947d ago

you know what, I cant even recall if there as ever been a generation where the most powerful won. The most that i could think of is the NES era, and there were probably some consoles more powerful.

Its stupid to think that the power of a console will determine how good it will be

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SuperShyGuy1947d ago

"adult games" No one told me the Vita had porn games

Neckbear1947d ago

"A gamer plays games, not sales."

Indeed. And currently, the 3DS has a much greater, bigger and more extensive game library, which makes it the choice of many.

The Vita's good, yes, but it really needs moar gaemz.

FriedGoat1947d ago

take a look at metacritic for your extensive shovelware roundup. For a year behind the Vita has a pretty strong collection.

jeseth1947d ago

I agree. Just got a Vita and am looking forward to when the library really expands.

Pillsbury11947d ago

They both have their own unique attractions. :)

Moonman1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

You can't compare 3DS vs. Vita to Wii vs. PS3 software you weirdo.

The Vita sold 4,000 units last week. It's November. So you can call what you want rubbish. But literally no one is buying

Bravely Default 38/40 famitsu
Animal Crossing: New Leaf 39/40 famitsu
EX troopers: 3DS scored higher than PS3 version!

Rubbish? Your brain is rubbish!

Sephiroushin1947d ago

lol Using Famitsu's score... Famitsu is not the company it used to be long ago, they're a joke!

OmniSlashPT1946d ago

Famitsu gave Nintendo Dogs and FFXIII a 40/40, does it mean they're the best games ever? ffs

ritsuka6661947d ago

Vita has is people with deep pockets who only play it because it's not a Nintendo system, and like to pretend that it is a more "grownup" system.
So am I sticking with my 3DS? The answer is yes.

FriedGoat1947d ago

I have both. Haven't touched my 3DS since for quite some time. Happily playing NFS most wanted, A game worth the £35 I payed for it. Unlike the 5 hour long 3DS games I was playing prior.

schlanz1947d ago


Kid Icarus was far and away the best handheld this year.. I easily sunk 60+ hours into it between single and multiplayer.

Also Resident Evil Revelations was excellent, is at least a 10hr game.

skrug1947d ago


And I put in 100 hrs in Ragnarok Odyssey =/

ronin4life1947d ago

Of course.
Which is why the 3Ds is selling so well; it has the games.

And you know what? When compared to the PS3, SO DID THE WII.

MasterCornholio1947d ago

Yeah a library full of shovel ware and casual games. That is why the Wii sold so well and being much cheaper than the competition helped a lot as well.

IMO the Wiis library is pretty poor compared to the 360 and PS3 due to the lack of many great multi platform games.Like dishonored for example.

Motorola RAZR i

dark-hollow1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Seriously? Have you seen the 3ds library and upcoming games in Japan?

Any Mario game is a big seller
Monster hunter 3 & 4
Shin megami tensi IV
Bravery default
Animal crossing
Kingdom heart DDD
Ace attorney 5
Ace attorney X professor Layton
Final fantasy theatrhythm

And the inevitable Pokemon game and much more and you people WONDER why its massivley outselling the vita in Japan?

Lol bashing the 3ds library then going in another article defending black ops declassified! What a joke...

OmniSlashPT1946d ago

Is that a good library? 3DS is full of remakes from N64 games and sequels from DS games and thats it.

Take a look at this years VGA's handheld games category. 3 Vita games and only 1 3DS game.

Sound Shapes and Gravity Rush are easily the best handheld games of the year but no one seems to care.

Oh_Yeah1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

It's number 1 because Mario and Pokemon move systems!

ALLWRONG1947d ago

"A gamer plays games, not sales" Yet here you are.

Maxned1947d ago

You can almost taste the butthurt in this one

Nimblest-Assassin1947d ago

You got a bubble for well said?

Jesus... fanboys here are ridiculous...

JellyJelly1947d ago

So are the mods. They never mark down Sony biased posters for trolling.

schlanz1947d ago

A gamer plays games, not systems.

Besides any gamer worth their salt knows that PSWii > PS360.

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CDzNutts1947d ago

Yeah man, I agree. When the number of people who bought 3DS are mostly below 13 and over 40, the sales are irrelevant.

It's like saying Peanut Butter sold better than Xbox360.

No kidding.

Neonridr1947d ago

lol, so in your twisted world only people between the ages of 14-39 count? Clearly your IQ floats somewhere in that range to then huh?

Gamer19821947d ago

Meh so what? It got no solid japanese type games yet thats why its not selling just look at the 360 it olny sold well when MS bought exclusive JRPGs. Soon as they dried up so did 360 sales.

Blacktric1947d ago

"A gamer plays games, not sales."

Too bad sales numbers directly related to how many games a system gets per year and are obviously related to the developer interest.

OmniSlashPT1946d ago

That's why Sony manages to get a bunch of new IPs and devs every year and Nintendo manages to get a bunch of mario rehashes every year. Thats the difference.

SegataShanshiro1947d ago

Ps3 owners buy ps3 consoles to help Sony avoid bankruptcy...they don't care about games, only about teh cell and blue ray

Buff10441947d ago

Haha....gamers buy games and systems, hence sales. Geez.

Apex131947d ago

It's funny that a lot of people think games are for kids and hears you making comments about adult games.

Gamers play games so why would you make such dumb comments about rubbish, adult games etc? surely a true gamer who plays games can see the positive and flaws in any system and not limit themselves to one system, and if they did they would not make such immature, angry comments.

Gamers do play games which is why it is outselling the Vita which is a good system but clearly it's not offering them the experience or games people are looking for just as the psp was games from your ps2. why buy two of the same game?

Additionally, dont make a handheld and price it higher than your console.

mrbojingles1947d ago

So COD ports, and the left overs of Sony's first party console games aren't bad too? Not saying they are, but to each his own.

StraightPath1947d ago

Destroyed to dust particles. Vita dead in water

nerdkiller1947d ago

@ nutsack:
stop being a cry baby. nintendo won this gen, sony won last gen.

lets see who wins next gen

MostJadedGamer1947d ago

Um the Wii didnt outsell both the PS3, and 360 combined.

Wii 97.18 million
360 70.00 million
PS3 68.31 million

Also the 360, and PS3 continue to gain on the Wii. When it is all said, and done they will finish much closer to the Wii then people expect; especially the PS3 which WILL pass the 360.

darkziosj1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Like cod right? or uncharted? maybe assasins creed? little big planet? OHHHH WAIT those are pretty bad old rehashed ips too derp.

Knight_Crawler1947d ago

"3DS is your choice if you just want to play 1st party decades old rehashed IP's"

Troll...I would take those rehash games over your Vita exclusives any day.

farhad2k81946d ago

If they think the 3DS is better just because it sold tons more, then by that logic, they would also think that Black Ops 2 is the best game ever to be released. It's not so funny when it happens to something you don't like, is it?

megamanX21946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

you an idiot psps has no games lol that's why everyone ignores it.

"Vita is superior tech but Sony is failing to support it properly"

how exactly is it superior? it's not like the ds whatever vita can do 3ds cam do better.

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chukamachine1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Not sure how the 3ds is better.

Japanese games are rubbish most of the time, not impressed with the 3ds library at all.

neogeo1947d ago

I'm not impressed with your hater comment at all.

Moonman1947d ago

Vita is the most unimpressive console personally from the number of games i'm interested in. I don't need one, I have a PS3.

plmkoh1947d ago

Yet the best selling 3DS game are two games derived from the Wii home console...better go rush out and buy a 3DS then because hypocrisy's all rad these days.

Gamer19821947d ago

The 3DS librabry and Vita library are completely different I would say the Vita library is for a more mature gamer with FIFA, Assasins Creed, Black ops etc.. While 3DS has your obvious candidates of Mario and co.

StrawHatPatriot1947d ago

The 3ds gives you more variety though (Realtime/Turn-Based Strategy games, platform Mario games, the 3-d effect, adventure games)

NYC_Gamer1947d ago

It's not hard to understand 3DS has the edge support wise..

Chrono1947d ago

Sony isn't doing itself job properly. Japan would swallow Vitas if there are some killer apps.

sdozzo1947d ago

Apps and games they like... Monster Hunter. We all could use Monster Hunter.

Bigkurz851947d ago

Vita is superior tech but Sony is failing to support it properly

dboyman1947d ago

Sony alone is not to blame. Lets not forget some of those games are from 3rd party developers ( Crapcom, er Capcom for Monster Hunter, Square Enid for Final Fantasy). There doesn't. Seem to be enough. 3rd party support for the Vita. That and Nintendo first party support is what making 3ds sell.well. Sony is trying but what also Vita is more 3rd party support and GOOD 3rs party games.

The problem is 3rd party developers are not getting games for Vita until it sells more, but Vita cannot sell without the games. And cut the price on the Vita as well ( especially.those overpriced memory cards) . Sony is trying despite financial troubles, but they cannot do it alone. More developers need to get behind the PS Vita...

tiffac0081947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

But don't forget Sony is still supporting the PSP in the Land of the Rising Sun. That is why a lot of the 3rd party developers have no incentive to move the games they are developing for the PSP onto the Vita and not all of those games are Vita compatible and if they are (available by PSN) no one knows about it because they are not advertised as such.

Look at what Ninty did with the DS, once the 3DS was released. They stopped supporting the DS. Sony needs to make the same decision. This 10 year life cycle support thing may be showing its drawbacks. The Vita after all is their present and future product and not the PSP.