ZombiU by Ubi Soft for the Nintendo Wii U Screens to Die For

ZombiU by Ubi Soft for the Nintendo Wii U system.

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chukamachine1831d ago

Might be a good game, but those graphics are poor.

Look at the gun, no detail whatsoever.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1831d ago

It's not all about the graphics. Fun>graphics IMO. Now lets hope it's good:)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

This one that is all.

sorry but everything else looks plastics and current gen(& not the best looking current gen game). And it's and exclusive smh..

lol it's is about graphics..
look at the title.

How is it that wiiU doesn't even have 1 semi next gen looking game?

But who expect nintendo to push hardware right?
even the zelda tech demo only looked current gen.

uncharted561831d ago

I know what you mean but cmon so much for the WiiU being powerful then the current consoles they dont even spend time to make the graphics look up to par with this generations standards is pathetic. I mean seriously where are the texture details.

WetN00dle691831d ago

Nuff said.

Deku-Johnny1831d ago

@shutUpAndTakeMyMoney, I think you should go look at launch games for current gen consoles and compare them to the last games to come out for 6th gen consoles. You won't notice much of a difference besides the HD. It takes a couple of years for consoles to have games that look as pretty as they're able to.

DrDeath1831d ago

People dont care about first gen titles app. look at the vita. great games that could use some more polish but people expect it to have late generation ps3 graphics. People bash me for saying CoD is a first gen handheld game thats great. so nobody cares if its first gen. people seem to forget the first gen or xbox and ps3. they werent too special

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Neonridr1831d ago

The art style of the game doesn't translate to pretty, shiny, colourful graphics. Ubisoft even went as far to say that they wanted the game to look like "dirt". It's a post-apocalyptic world where everything is destroyed. Everything is going to look dark, dull, and muddy. Check out the lighting effects in the game which are very atmospheric.

Sure the textures aren't of the highest resolution, but the game still looks amazing regardless. And some screenshots don't do the game justice.

Biggest1831d ago

If there weren't already a ton of "post-apocalyptic" games on the market I might have agreed with you, Neonrider. Zombie U looks like a HD version of a Wii game. There is absolutely nothing found in those screen shots "to die for" or even get mildly excited for.

When someone makes a gameplay article we can discuss that.

Neonridr1831d ago

yeah well that still doesn't stop like 90% of all gaming sites from proclaiming that this game is excellent and exactly what is needed out of a survival horror.

So obviously it must be doing something right..

Schawk1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

I have seem screen shots that look way better than this

WetN00dle691831d ago

Agreed! The game looks much better than this. These screen shots looks like The Lens of Truth's work to be honest.

metroid321831d ago

These are very old shots because look on and the game looks amazing plus i dont think these are in HD either the nursery looks like a photo realistic nursery with at least 10 times the amount of on screen objects pin sharp.

lilbroRx1831d ago

Me and you must be looking at two different guns.

s8anicslayer1831d ago

I will be buying this game as it does seem vey promising, I just wish the name wasn't so generic.

Picture_Dancer1831d ago

Looks almost as good as few years old game: Dead Island which is free-roaming and multiplatform game.

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