Cross-examing Microsoft's Big Gift to Xbox Loyalists

News sources all over the web are stating that long running Xbox Live loyalists might get a free anniversary edition 360. The big question everyone wants to know, is there a catch to this so called freebie? Goozernation also wants to know when will Sony and Nintendo do something like this? What will Microsoft do for their 20th anniversary?

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MyaSharona2191d ago

I still don't understand how it makes sense rewarding someone who has owned an xbox since the dawn of its creation means giving them a fancied up overstock of the same item.

Why not give these so called loyal customers the new console, or even a severely reduced price on the new console, or hell, even early access to the next gen console. Now that's a reward.

killerhog2191d ago

Don't worry I'm sure ya won't get this "fancy" anniversary edition. I'm sure its for celebs not you guys.

PtRoLLFacE2191d ago

thats only for people who have been xbox live members since day 1, i only been for 5 year maybe next generation i will get one trolol!

kube002191d ago

How about a lifetime subscription to XBL? I think those who have had the 360 since 2005 should also be rewarded.

MyaSharona2191d ago

lol. In that case, how about rewarding those of us who lived through multiple RRODs and still own a 360? ;-)

ddurand12191d ago

reward? you should be slapped.

multiple rrod. lol

karlowma2191d ago

An Xbox live subscription has much more potential value to the company than a single console purchase.

What you suggest is like Ford giving you free gas for life when you purchase a new truck.

killerhog2191d ago

Guessed you missed her point. If ford kept making faulty unreliable cars, that were bad, but I stood by them and bought their cars, I should be rewarded as a loyal customer. (Though I should also be slapped with a "why" on my face, but that's another story). I should be given half off for their next car or a reasonable discount etc. like she was implying with ms and the 360 rrod issue.

karlowma2191d ago

There's a fine line to walk between rewarding loyalty and attracting new customers. You don't want to throw too much at new customers, because the loyal ones feel like they aren't rewarded; you don't want to cater exclusively to your loyal customers, because the new ones won't feel as valued.

I think this is a nice touch, maybe even a little extravagant if it's given for free, but hey, Microsoft can obviously afford it, so why not? Definitely a nice collector's item for the long-time Xbox fan and supporter.

Nintendo, by the way, has been rewarding it's customers for almost 10 years with Club Nintendo.

kube002191d ago

Didn't they have an limited edition iPod touch a few years ago as a reward?

karlowma2191d ago

Square Enix had an iPod Touch reward but it wasn't customized that I could see.

CommonSenseGamer2191d ago

wow, I can't believe the comments. A company says thanks for customer loyalty and gets slammed. Same kinda stupid comments when Sony made good on the hack in 2011.

Too many self centered people who think the world owes them a living.