God of War III to appear at GDC08 ?

It's seem's that GOW III will appear at GDC08 according to gamespot game list

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gamesblow3660d ago

This is for the psp game. It's a mix up and a ploy for Gamespot to get hits back to their site. GOD3 will not be at GDC and if it is, then it's a small teaser trailer that has music and says the name... followed by, of course, coming next year.

Gamesblow baby jack... Gamesblow.

decapitator3660d ago

Yeah but it specifically says GOW III ? I though that was confirmed to be a PS3 title ?

sonarus3660d ago

add in rumor. This may be a farfetchd dream but i would love to see a tech demo for GOW3. Let us see what the graphics capabilities of GOW can do on ps3. I wanna see kratos skirt move with the wind i want to see some rediculously sick animations more enemies on screen and yes i knw they are zombies but i dnt want them to dissapear on me anymore thats so last gen.

Regret3660d ago

Will rule. Dante beware, haha.

superman3659d ago

I really dont want to see it, if it comes out fall 2009. Too long a wait.

eagle213659d ago

And who will deliver the epic feel? The action that is so packed you stay up late to play it? You better wait for God of War III..there is no other

Iamback3659d ago

exactly! it is obvious that list is bs

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The story is too old to be commented.