Top 30 Danish Charts, Sony Playstation 3, Week Ending 9th February 2008

1. Uncharted
2. Burnout Paradise
3. Fifa 08
4. Devil May Cry 4
5. Assassin's Creed
6. Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
7. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
8. Need for Speed: ProStreet
9. Singstar
10. Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

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sonarus3749d ago

its nice to see uncharted doing so well. i think it would have done better if it were multiplayer as well. they should consider multiplayer and online coop 4 nxt 1. they already have ps3 development dwn so they should be able to incorporate multiplayer. if the sp is as good as the first plus mp is added expect double those sales.

Regret3749d ago

Don't spend precious time on MP please. We have enough MP games. Every PS fan want well told SP games.

moveteam3749d ago

Agree with you both.
It's nice with an awesome SP game, but it's also nice with an awesome MP game.

Brian52473749d ago

The game has got some serious legs!

Bebedora3749d ago

More like co-op mode would have been awesome. Elena and Nathan in a shootuot. That would have been something.

Danes know how to have fun though. Great list that is.

heyheyhey3749d ago

holy sh!t uncharted is still topping charts- well done Naughty Dog

i finished the game a couple of hours ago

amazing game, but i wasn't too fond of the twist at the end i mean come on this isn't resident evil- im glad it only lasted for two levels

it's short, but its got massive replay value- im trying to clock it on Hard for some behind-the-scenes goodies and stuff

Bathyj3749d ago

I have to admit I didnt think much of it either at first, but it was pretty cool when you realise they were all the curse Spaniards. And as for gameplay it made for a few really hectic levels.

cmrbe3749d ago

I actually like it. It took me completely off gaurd and whats even better was that i got to that stage about 1 am in the morning by myself. It was pretty freaky hehe. From the beginnig i though Elanea or Sully is actually bad but i was wrong and i love unpredictable stories in games and movies.

Snarko3749d ago

Argh stupid me, i accidentally read somewhere that you would meet such creatures in the game, before i played it. So the whole game i was just waiting to meet them. Took the whole element of suprise out of it. Note to self: NEVER read anything about games you havent played yet!