Final Fantasy Videogame Comes to Life Via Music Distant Worlds conductor Arnie Roth explained that the Final Fantasy (FF) videogame series was a pioneer in using recorded orchestra and choir tracks within the game, and that a philharmonic hall was exactly where the music was meant to be played.

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Snookies122194d ago

Dang... I saw the words "Final Fantasy comes to life via" Thought for a minute there it said *Vita*.

CrescentFang2193d ago

I would love to see more orchestrated or live concerts dedicated for video games. It's cool to see parents taking their children to these.

cr33ping_death2193d ago

i went to the concert they had here at City Walk at the Gibson Amphitheater about 7 years ago... it was awesome... bought 3 tickets for me my bro and friend.... she never played a FF game and she loved the music.

calis2193d ago

They're doing it here in Adelaide of all places. I would go if it was in my state.

Eamon2193d ago

I was close to attending a Distant Worlds concert in London but the ticket was too damn high.

Maybe next year.