Computeractive: Apple Macbook Air Review

Computeractive writes:

"It's not perfect, but if portability is your main requirement then the Macbook Air fits the bill admirably."

Good Points:
- One of the slimmest, most portable laptops

Bad Points:
- Expensive
- Limited connectivity
- Battery can't be replaced

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LinuxGuru3714d ago

I tried 4 MacBook Air's at my local Apple store....and all of them had sluggish reactions to my commands....even scrolling through the dock with the bubble effect made the computer slow down a little bit.

Kinda sad...because the damn thing has 2 GB of RAM, plus a dual-core processor....I wouldn't think a few interface effects would slow it down.

I change my mind from my original opinion.

Definitely not a purchase for me.

I'll be sticking with a traditional laptop, with more graphics support and an optical drive.