Walking Dead Season Finale Release Date Revealed!

According to Telltale Games’ own Facebook page, The Walking Dead‘s season finale will be coming to PSN on November 20th in North America. It’ll be coming to XBLA, PC, Mac, and European PSN the next day, November 21st. If you’re like us and are just dying to get your hands on it, the wait isn’t very much longer. If for some reason you’ve been waiting for the full season to get started, there’s no better time than now to get your depression on in one huge chunk. Oh, and Telltale? Be gentle. Please?

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SeraphimBlade1891d ago

Of course it comes out the day I spend six hours in a car...

TheRealSpy1891d ago

It's going to be a pretty grim ending.

Der_Kommandant1891d ago

I'm gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy after that.

ceballos77mx1891d ago

Good God please don't let me choose who's taking care of Clementine everybody sucks, maybe the couple, I don't know.

r211891d ago

I cant wait to play the finale. I got Kenny, Omar and Christa to back me up :D