Animal Crossing Dominates, Vita Suffocates, And Japan Says "Yes Please" To Halo 4

Analysis and prespective on Japan's most recent sales data. What does Halo 4's third-place debut mean for the FPS genre? What's releasing on Vita next week that could do anything to lift it up? Charts and thoughts within.

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dbjj120881596d ago

I can't wait for New Leaf. If Nintendo could get their online infrastructure together, Animal Crossing could really blow up for them.

Jinkies1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

I think I'll have to buy a 3DS for New Leaf, although with my luck like what happened the last time and the time before that I'll buy the handheld and they'll announce a better updated version <sigh>

Theres so much Animal Crossing can do and it's only now with New Leaf they're getting into it. They're barely scratching the surface.

AWBrawler1596d ago

I agree with jinkies and thats one HOT avatar. link plz lol

knifefight1596d ago

Halo 4 took third place. Who was predicting that one? O_O

AWBrawler1596d ago

halo is started to get popular in japan thanks to the anime based off of it. but still, number 3 is impressive

ftwrthtx1596d ago

The Vita needs more titles to get it moving

eagle211596d ago

3DS has officially took over japan. Look at the top 20 software. That is where you KNOW who is running the show.

Trunkz Jr1596d ago

"So for every time someone went out and bought a Vita in Japan last week, about 46 people bought a 3DS."

Even tho I'm a Nintendo Fan, I think the Vita just needs a competitive price drop and it will sell well just like the 3DS did.

PopRocks3591596d ago

I'm big on Nintendo as well and I agree. I would very quickly pick one up with some more unique games and a price drop. I'm simply not willing to spend that much on a platform that I can almost assure you won't get that much game time with the lineup on it right now.

Trunkz Jr1596d ago

Vita fans are disagreeing with me cause of the quote ahahaha... Don't get angry at me cause the system is failing there...

tiffac0081595d ago

You shouldn't really get affected by the disagrees man, lot of people barely reads an entire posts these days or tries to understand them anyway.

raWfodog1595d ago

@Trunkz Jr

"Vita fans are disagreeing with me cause of the quote ahahaha... "

Or it could be 3DS fans disagreeing with you because you dared to say that the Vita would sell as well as the 3DS after a price drop.

Fanboys are everywhere, ya know?

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Zodiac1596d ago

WOW!! Animal Crossing did fantastic. 3DS did amazing. Congrats to Nintendo and i hope the Vita can rise up soon.

Gen0ne1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

More of ^this^ attitude around these parts please.

Edit: I guess someone doesn't like positive attitudes. Oh well...

Trunkz Jr1596d ago

Probably a Vita fan that see's any positive comment on Nintendo and they just go around clicking Disagree.

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The story is too old to be commented.