Desructoid's Video Game Drinking Game

Considering all of the different types of drinking games there are, Destructoid's Dr. Boa surprised there's not one centered around videogames. Sure, you can create your own -- like every time you hear "Welcome to the circus of values!" in BioShock, or every time someone teabags you in Halo 3. But there's no official drinking game where the focus is on drinking, and not gaming.

That's why he decided to create his own, called: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

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gamesblow3782d ago

Just going to Destructoid makes me inhebriated... Think I'll pass on them and their homo drinking games.

travelguy2k3781d ago

an actual game that had ques when to drink...

I'm at work and very bored...could they make it a flash game...