Stop teasing, Crytek - give us Timesplitters 4

OXM - Besides one of last generation's best-loved games, Timesplitters 2 is probably the only first-person shooter my little sister can kick my arse at. Granted, mastery didn't come overnight. A newcomer to digital marksmanship, she was initially confounded by the need to get both thumbs moving in tandem when we picked up the game for Gamecube in 2003.

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Snookies121949d ago

I might die of an awesomeness overload if they announce a TS4.

ATi_Elite1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Timesplitters 4 is in DEVELOPMENT!

Plans are to save it for NExt Gen so it will get the proper DX11 treatment! Homefront 2 should be the LAST Crytek game this console Gen!

(TS4 might get released two weeks before Battlefront 3....sometime Next console Gen.....Why YES BF:3 is in Development also!)

-Mezzo-1949d ago

Why bother, Crytek.

Gamer's will want it now & once they get it, they're just gonna bash it into the Ground.

topgeareasy1949d ago

depends on they pull it off

DarkBlood1949d ago

least they could do is make the trilogy hd collection and have one of them games have a online function and just use that as funds to help make timesplitter 4

Snookies121949d ago

If they stick to what made the series popular in the first place.... Wacky characters and humor, tons of weapons ranging from throwing bricks to rocket launchers, level editor, unlockables, splitscreen and online multiplayer with fast paced action and fun game modes like Infection. There will be nothing to complain about. Just don't try and change the things that made it great before.

-MD-1949d ago

Just kickstart Timesplitters 4.

3-4-51948d ago

TS4 with an updated Map editor on Xbox 720 ?!