Where, Oh, Where Have All The Bots Gone?

Aaron talks about the lack of offline multiplayer options in this console generation's shooters, and makes a plea for the return of computer-controlled bots to play against.

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OneAboveAll2194d ago

Wish Halo 4 had bot support for custom games so that I don't have to play my forge maps by myself. :(

Hasanhastam2194d ago

Bo2 had bots and works very well and on veteran is Challenging.Hope games like bf also do same

swv11n2194d ago

Great article - couldn't agree more. Bots are a simple premise, yet add so much longevity to a game. Take note developers - bring back bots!!
Even racing games don't have bots anymore - pathetic.

DryPancake2193d ago

Timesplitters: Future Perfect. That is all.