Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth Review [GAMINGtruth]

Fighting games are often compared and contrasted among the ranks of others out there. At the least, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat serve as default comparisons used to give them some sort of grounds for basis.

Now, throw a motion based Kinect fighter into the mix and you don’t have much to compare it to.

But how does Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth stack up to the greats?

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Cam_is_16bit1713d ago

A Kinect fighter that's...decent? Surprises abound.

Ben_Grimm1713d ago

A Kinect title with a decent score and no comments on N4G? Sounds about right.

LaWiiG1713d ago

I gues only hardcore gamers play hardcore games, bro.

Shadonic1713d ago

Seeing as I'm blasted with hate for every time I support the kinect I will just reply with ... Meh