M&C: Burnout Paradise Review

M&C writes:

"It's safe to say that, when it comes to the Burnout series, a high-octane mix of breakneck speed and riotous destructive gameplay are usually enough to lift it to worthy heights. However, an unnecessary and unrefined shift of environmental focus hasn't helped Paradise to carry forth the mantle of excitement inherent in Burnout titles. It's nowhere near broken, but it's nowhere near perfect either.

There's tons of variety, plenty of speed, countless crashes, and the always outrageous slow-motion destruction to provide all the prerequisite thrills racers will ever need, but sadly it's all tainted by foundations comprised of confusing navigation and lacklustre city design, which conspire at every (missed) turn to sully what could have been a truly standout title."

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jinn3717d ago

the cars r ugly, don't buy it