The grim and expensive future of consoles

A look at 4K TV's,a current gimmick and what they mean for the future of consoles

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1upgamer992195d ago

4K TV's are out yeah, and NO NETWORK SUPPORTS IT. That is a long way down the line my friends. Most people just upgraded to 720p and 1080p tvs, in the past 7 years. I think Xbox will be out next year and Sony in a year and a half or so. I am not shelling out $500 bucks plus for a new Xbox...At least with Wii U you can use any Hard drive you want.

HappyCamper1722194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

PS4 is rumored to be 4k?! NONSENSE. Lets talk facts:

Current gen console games are mostly 720p

720p is 1280×720 or 921,600 pixels

4k is 4096×2304 or 9,437,184 pixels

So the graphics card needs to be more than 10 times powerful not to mention ps4 would cost more than 2000$ which is the cost of 2 nvidia gtx690(dual gpu) graphics cards needed to run smooth on resolutions like that on high graphics settings in games on pc and we haven't came to the 4k TV pricing yet.... (it's about 25000$)

Lets just end it with the conclusion:

PS4 won't be 4k

jmc88882194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

ROFL was the guy old enough for when HDTV came out to realize the prices were similar, if not cheaper when adjusted for real inflation?

Of course the prices for these tv's are outrageous. They'll go down faster than a hooker for a grand.

Within 3-4 years you'll see these tv's at around $2,000. Of course all this changes when hyperinflation hits, but if it hasn't happened yet...then you'll see them drop like this.

A year or two after than you'll see them for sub $1000.

In 1999 you'd pay $16,000, and in 2004 you could pay $499 (smaller, but still).

There's also a way you can get close to 4k, and that's with eyefinity. Of course it's only for PC gaming, but you can buy 3 1080p monitors/tv's and do it. Just try to get the ones with no edge to them. So technically you could do it for $300-500 if you use three cheap 20-24 inch monitors.

Of course no cable network, sattelite, or console will output at these data rates. Though movies have been shot in 4k or above for quite a few years. Hell 16k is coming online soon movie wise.

For computers the tech isn't really there to display 4k. You can barely do the 3x infinity type that's close to 4k, but it's still not there yet. 3-5 years it'll be much more capable, and you won't need $2,000 in GPU's to do it well. But right now two GTX 690's can run BF3 @ ultra settings pretty well. I think one GTX 690 suffers from some slowdown, but hovers around 55 fps, which is pretty good considering what it's doing.

So everything starts point to about 5 years from now, though cable providers will probably be the last to push it out the door. Will Sony come out with a new format? Or will someone else beat them? I know some people years ago were working on discs that could hold well over 100gb's. So discs are still possible as a format. But there's no reason a 4k format can't be delivered digitally, and accessed locally once downloaded.

Of course, also towards the end of the decade comes holographic television. But I have a feeling that will be the thing after 4k. I wonder though how good the resolution will be if it's going up against 4ktv's.

Hopefully the world economy isn't in shambles by then. Of course, that would be a miracle, as it's very possible none of this is possible because it's completely broken and leaders have their heads in the sand.

Trago13372194d ago

there should be a bigger focus on gameplay.

2194d ago
taquito2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

pc is THE ONLY place you will be seeing above 1080p gaming (2 million pixels)for the next 6-8 years, and we've been doing it for years on pc, I've been playing games in 2560x1600 (double 1080p, 4 million pixels) for well over a year, some people i know have had 1600p for 3 years or more, no next gen ps4/nextbox is gonna come close to what pc was doing 3 years ago

Conzul2194d ago

And yet, 3-4 networked PS3s pulled off a 4k demo just a few months ago.

HappyCamper1722194d ago

so by that ps4 should have 16 core cpu and 4 ps3 gpus to produce ps3 4k graphics and it would cost more than 1000$ and we are talking about next gen graphics. How much would that cost?

Conzul2193d ago

Which idiot disagreed with me? It happened: It's history: It's fact:

The point is that for 4k games to start appearing, the PS4 needs only to be 4 times as powerful as the PS3. And that - is highly likely. You don't go and multiply actual hardware components. That's just silly.

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