Exclusive: First Red Faction: Guerilla Screenshots?

Today Dutch gaming website received an e-mail from quite a strange address containing the name Sven van de Perre. The e-mail contributed 50 screenshots that appear to be from Volition's Red Faction: Guerilla.

The screens came in at high quality, but all contain a strange website name and 'greetz to' text. Sven van de Perre is know in the games industry as Executive Editor at OPM. It looks like someone is abusing Sven van de Perre's name to spread fake Red Faction: Guerilla screenshots, but why?

Are this screenshots genuine? Check them out and let us know!


Screenshots contributed in this news post are not from the original Red Faction: Guerilla game according to THQ. They where made up by an angry community from OPM. The screenshots have been removed!

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gamesblow3749d ago

Man, that even looks like an xbox 360 game. Terrible.

Jamegohanssj53749d ago

Is this a PS1 game or what? This should be exclusive to PS2.

fablex3749d ago

Let's hope it's the alpha version, game is still set voor 2009, so they have enough time to make it better ;)

gamesblow3749d ago

"voor 2009"

What is that, slavic?

fablex3748d ago

Haha, no Dutch :P
Anyway "for 2009" then ;)

gamesblow3748d ago

ha... I only said that cause I watched "The Burbs" at work yesterday in the back room and that line is in there. It always made me laugh.

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The story is too old to be commented.