Why Half Life 3 Will Revive PC Gaming

It is almost certain that Half Life 3 will be released one day, But can it bring back PC gaming to what we used to know it as.

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Snookies122169d ago

Yeah it really is... Steam is the main reason for that though lol! I've bought so many unnecessary games from sales on there... Still think they were all worth it, even if I haven't ever touched them yet...

thorstein2169d ago

Wha-wha-whhhaaaat!?!! You aren't buying into the DDOOOOOOOMM! And GLOOOOOOOOM!!?

Fear and Scare tactics aren't working? What have you done to become immune?

Same D&G articles, different day.

darthv722168d ago

half life 3 will do as much to console gaming as it would PC. Unless, it isnt coming to consoles at all. then yeah, Pc gaming will get the biggest exclusive of the century.

pompombrum2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Maybe in a lot of ways it's doing fine but there are certain areas that are badly in need of rejuvenation. The mod scene comes to mind. UT3 was a complete failure, EA/DICE gave modders the middle finger, now there seems to be precious little left mod wise outside of Half Life.

camel_toad2169d ago

Yep it is but mmmm some Half-Life 3 sure does sound good. 2027 is gonna be a good year.

linkkjm2169d ago

I'm not really trying to state that PC gaming is dying or is going to die. What i'm trying to state is that triple A titles that are made first for the PC are becoming a rare breed. The last game that I can think of that spawned numerous mods and was highly successful as a game was Half Life 2.

ATi_Elite2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Quote..."With the majority of games being developed for console and then ported to PC"

What Games? Not these Games!

Chivelry: Medieval Warfare
Arma 2
Guild Wars 2
Tera Online
Takistan Life
Crytek's Warface
Take on Helicopters
Planetside 2
STALKER: Arma 2 mod
Nuclear Dawn
Natural Selection 2
DotA 2
War of the Roses

My current list of most played games.... All 100% PC Exclusives! I have NO time for Console ports so whoever wrote this article has ZERO clue about what it means to be a REAL PC GAMER!

You may wanna hit up and find out what your missing cause there is more to Gaming than Black Ops and Assassin's Creed!

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CaptainCamper2169d ago

Revive what is not dead? Nout wrong with the current state of PC gaming :D

TheSuperior 2169d ago

Half Life 3 should be good :)

MrAnderson2169d ago

PC gaming is more popular then ever....stupid ass article.

Qrphe2169d ago

But PC gaming has been doing better than ever. Sales are better than they were in the past, piracy or not.

caseh2169d ago

Piracy is a red herring, how could piracy downloads impact sales when those individuals never intended to buy the games to begin with.

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The story is too old to be commented.