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Submitted by linkkjm 1182d ago | opinion piece

Why Half Life 3 Will Revive PC Gaming

It is almost certain that Half Life 3 will be released one day, But can it bring back PC gaming to what we used to know it as. (Dev, Half Life: Episode 3, Industry, Next-Gen, PC, Valve)

NYC_Gamer  +   1182d ago
PC gaming is doing fine
Snookies12  +   1182d ago
Yeah it really is... Steam is the main reason for that though lol! I've bought so many unnecessary games from sales on there... Still think they were all worth it, even if I haven't ever touched them yet...
thorstein  +   1182d ago
Wha-wha-whhhaaaat!?!! You aren't buying into the DDOOOOOOOMM! And GLOOOOOOOOM!!?

Fear and Scare tactics aren't working? What have you done to become immune?

Same D&G articles, different day.
darthv72  +   1181d ago
seems more like
half life 3 will do as much to console gaming as it would PC. Unless, it isnt coming to consoles at all. then yeah, Pc gaming will get the biggest exclusive of the century.
aiBreeze  +   1182d ago
Maybe in a lot of ways it's doing fine but there are certain areas that are badly in need of rejuvenation. The mod scene comes to mind. UT3 was a complete failure, EA/DICE gave modders the middle finger, now there seems to be precious little left mod wise outside of Half Life.
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camel_toad  +   1182d ago
Yep it is but mmmm some Half-Life 3 sure does sound good. 2027 is gonna be a good year.
CGI-Quality  +   1182d ago
My thoughts exactly.
linkkjm  +   1181d ago
I'm not really trying to state that PC gaming is dying or is going to die. What i'm trying to state is that triple A titles that are made first for the PC are becoming a rare breed. The last game that I can think of that spawned numerous mods and was highly successful as a game was Half Life 2.
ATi_Elite  +   1181d ago
Stupid article by some clown who doesn't play PC Games!
Quote..."With the majority of games being developed for console and then ported to PC"

What Games? Not these Games!

Chivelry: Medieval Warfare
Arma 2
Guild Wars 2
Tera Online
Takistan Life
Crytek's Warface
Take on Helicopters
Planetside 2
STALKER: Arma 2 mod
Nuclear Dawn
Natural Selection 2
DotA 2
War of the Roses

My current list of most played games.... All 100% PC Exclusives! I have NO time for Console ports so whoever wrote this article has ZERO clue about what it means to be a REAL PC GAMER!

You may wanna hit up and find out what your missing cause there is more to Gaming than Black Ops and Assassin's Creed!
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CaptainCamper  +   1182d ago
Revive what is not dead? Nout wrong with the current state of PC gaming :D
TheSuperior  +   1182d ago
Half Life 3 should be good :)
MrAnderson  +   1182d ago
PC gaming is more popular then ever....stupid ass article.
Qrphe  +   1182d ago
But PC gaming has been doing better than ever. Sales are better than they were in the past, piracy or not.
caseh  +   1182d ago
Piracy is a red herring, how could piracy downloads impact sales when those individuals never intended to buy the games to begin with.
BitbyDeath  +   1182d ago
Sims 4 will be my next PC game.
thorstein  +   1182d ago
SimCity will be mine!
DudeJets  +   1181d ago
Oh god yes
EditorAtGNG  +   1182d ago
I'd probably say "revive the FPS genre" before anything else. With all these CODs and Battlefields, there hasn't been a single game to innovate or revolutionize the genre. It is sad how we have to wait for a decade to get something new.
Tundra  +   1182d ago
PC gaming slowly dying? Despite how people feel about Diablo III, it just hit 10 million units sold and counting.

Yeah, PC gaming is definitely dying.
Ve_Chuy  +   1182d ago
Pc gaming isnt dead never havent dead you should be worried about consoles
CYBERHATER  +   1182d ago
Revive it? Yeah you might want to check your numbers again because the PC is alive and well :)
pennywhyz  +   1182d ago
PC gaming dont need to be revized.I got news for all of ya my pc is prob more powerful then 5 ps3's that consoles are 3 yrs behind pc's b4 there being manufatured. Its no secret.
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pandehz  +   1182d ago

U mean dominate

I only game on pc and I dont feel like Im missing out on anything. Once in a while I join the hype train for a halo or uncharted but in a few days im back to my pc games

There is a misunderstanding about pc prices.
You are not buying just a gaming computer for 600-800 but also a computer that you can work (dj station, video, professional work etc), connect to a tv/projector, internet, various applications, music library, photo etc whatever else that computers do too

So if you owned a console which cost 350 or whatever and a laptop which im sure most own alongside the console for another 300-500 depending (assuming low end laptops) you still spend the same as a single gaming comp or even more. And dont say the initial cost of 600-800 is too much. Most places you can pay in installments or similar payment plans if u want. So wtf

PC gaming makes sense in every way besides exclusives. Well MS sony and nintendo do need some toys to scam ppl with.
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Dynasty  +   1182d ago
Yes, FOR YOU, it may make more sense. However, it doesn't make sense though and is FAR from user-friendly for the average console user (young teens). Also, like it or not, some of the best games are better suited for being played on a console (not in terms of graphics, but playability.)
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pandehz  +   1181d ago
Name one game and give reasons. Dont say sitting back on a couch and playing on a controller. I've done that on my pc. And if you have a 3dtv well you'll get better 3d from pc.

You can plug a controller into pc, custom controllers and what not too. Same with a tv. You have every option besides ps move, wii mote. Kinect is available on pc. But these I dont consider essential.

Its not a hassle as ppl imagine it to be. You get fixed updates from Microsoft and the game comes with its own updates. Only once in a while you check with ur graphics card manufacturer for a driver update thats all. Its like getting updates for the PS3/Xbox etc. Nothing too complicated at all. Even grpahics cards have auto update notifications. So basically if you can read and have even little logic then anybody (my 7 yr old bro can do this) can figure it out quite quickly. If they cant they shouldn't be worried about consoles or gaming itself. Back to school.

How complicated is that?

If by more user friendly u mean avoiding windows booting n such. Then I believe 1 min of booting time wont affect too much. Besides the many bonuses you get on pc over any console, lemme just say at the end you get a better experience with more options and when you're done n such after years of gaming your games will still work 10 yrs after when you have a new comp.

The only things you will miss out are exclusives and ps move etc games mehh
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TXIDarkAvenger  +   1182d ago
Revive? I wouldn't consider PC gaming dead in the first place.
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   1182d ago
I think PC gaming is alive and well! Though Half-LIfe 3 would be cool.
TheGrimBunny  +   1182d ago
How I can not wait for this game anymore!
Somebody  +   1181d ago
The PC is fine. It's too stubborn and important to simply die off like that.

It's the home consoles' turn to face "______ is dead" era. There are optimistic rumors and expectations for next gen but we all know everyone is looking at mobile devices now. The extremely long development cycle that was designed to keep cost low for end users is showing its flaws in droves.

Mobile devices and the PC are extremely "modifiable" system that can use any new technology quickly. The consoles on the hand have to wait for next gen if they want to catch up with F2P craze. It's not even a major hardware problem and yet consoles need to wait several more years and a full conversion to a whole new system for full access of the prized market.
Hicken  +   1181d ago
Irrelevant article is irrelevant.
taquito  +   1181d ago
pc makes more money than ps3/360/vita combined, pc is owning coonsoles on all fronts, this trend will continue!
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1181d ago
Are these mostly gaming pc they are talking about? no.

"HP, Samsung, Sony and Dell rounded out the top five with varying levels of sales declines"
from your link.

seriously diablo 3, WoW, LoL are the most poular for a reason. Most pc gamers are not high end gamers.
WoW is now back over 10 Million, LOL has 14 + Million players, GW2 had millions of beta sign up, MineCraft sold 7 million on pc, Diablo will the best selling game till 2016.

PC biggest problem is actually sales.
Sure diablo sold almost 10 million but console games do this each year or every other year. Hard to compete with. Even witcher 2 didn't sell 3 million on pc.

PC is awsome btw becuase of innovation but when it comes to AAA games consoles own it.

I know gta 5 will come to pc.
But Rockstar doesn't even care to announce gta 5 for pc.
Still no Red Dead. PC gamers had to petition to get dark souls.

If those 10 million WoW gamers bought BF3 and other high end games then console ports would hardly exist.

What is the point of putting pc first before console. Becuase you like pc? not a good reason for devs or publishers.

But still PC gaming is doing fine and has more games than ever. Why? F2p = no pirating. Kickstarter etc..

What AAA blockbuster pc exclusive game is coming up next?
What was the last one?

And please don't name mods.

Just my observation.
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aliengmr  +   1181d ago
This article was clearly written by someone one has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. It doesn't even begin to make a valid point at all. Even as a flame-bait article its pathetic.

This article is so irrelevant that even attempting to counter it would be equally irrelevant.

Instead, a warning, at no time does this article make anything close to a valid argument. There was no thought put into it at all. Even console fanboys looking for PC flame-bait should look elsewhere. That it was ever allowed to exist is mind boggling.

This is by far the worst article I have read on N4G. Not because I disagree with it but because of how useless it was. Please, for those who value things like coherent thought and debate (or even just proper flaim-bait), ignore this collection of words. (doesn't deserve to be called an article)
NeoTribe  +   1181d ago
More than likely its not gonna live up to the insane hype it has aquired throught the ages. All in all its just another shooter. Halflife was the shit because of the age it was born in and the quality. Dought it can tackle halo and cod.

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