Wii U not even launched and already selling out.

Only a few days from the Wii U‘s US launch date and already it could be tough to buy one if you didn’t pre-order. Scott Moffitt, executive vice president of sales and marketing of Nintendo of America has stated that the higher priced deluxe version of the Wii U has been selling particularly well. Despite concerns of hardware pricing being too high Moffitt has deemed that the consumer demand has been reflecting that the units are, in fact priced right.

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chukamachine2140d ago

How many Wii u's means it's selling out.

Godchild10202140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

My Gamestop has 13 reserved for the black one and 12 for the white one. The one in the same area but is bigger due to more Nintendo shoppers has 18 reserved for the black one and 12 for the white.

Each location is to get 5 more of each come the 18th and another shipment before black Friday. The numbers maybe more depending on location.

guitarded772140d ago

Yeah, there aren't going to be too many people in line when I go to pick mine up at midnight. I'm hope they have a police officer there to keep an eye on things. They're gonna have 20 people walking out with one of the most coveted holiday gifts of the year, and it would be easy for some thugs to roll up and mug people. Good thing I live in Texas where a lot of people carry concealed weapons.

Trunkz Jr2140d ago

I'll be sleepin @ the BestBuy parking lot in my car to make sure I'm top in line, gotta beat the jerks who only want the system just to sell it on ebay for twice as much... JERKS!

mdkgod432140d ago

where u located let came out

showtimefolks2140d ago

Really so if I sell a lot of things on eBay and If I can get my hands on few wiiu systems than why can't I make a huge profit? It's supply and demand

Some people don't have the time to stand in a line and they are willing to pay extra to get it from eBay it's their money

For a lot of people like me selling on eBay is a business so if my product is in demand and someone is willing to pay 2 times more who are you or anyone to tell me or Anne who is selling on eBay that we are Wrong?

Maybe you shuld buy 5 systems than sell them at MSRP on eBay just to be a nice and fair guy?

DivineAssault 2140d ago

Im doing it.. I got 2 deluxe sets waiting to be sold.. a possible 3rd

Technical World2140d ago

I wonder if Nintendo Land is the reasoning or not. I mean in reality, because Nintendo Land comes in a real game case, people could buy the deluxe bundle and then return Nintendo Land separately making it $10 cheaper than the basic set for all of the stands and the online discount, plus the much needed storage. I'm getting the Basic Version anyway because I don't see the point in the hassle but I have a feeling others are willing to do that.

Neonridr2140d ago

I think the pack-in version of Nintendo land won't have a standard UPC label. It will probably say not for re-sale. They usually do that with pack-in games to prevent people from doing that exact thing.

Technical World2140d ago

Oh, never payed attention I guess, thanks for letting me know :P

jmc88882139d ago

Not really, you need a receipt to make that magic work, and on the Wii U receipt it won't say.

Nintendoland xx.xx

Technical World2139d ago

well it wouldnt work anyway as Neonridr said because of the NOT FOR RESALE but if you go to walmart and say it was a present, they could care less if it came from a dumpster

SactoGamer2140d ago

The retailer down the road from us only has one pre-order thus far.

Neonridr2140d ago

what retailer is that? Bob's electronics?

SactoGamer2140d ago

Dimple -- They're a regional (Northern California) retailer or music, movies, and games. I think they only have ten or so locations, but still -- I figured they'd have more than just one preorder (as of a few days ago).

Neonridr2140d ago

surprising, but maybe nobody knows that they even have preorders. I am sure a few of the over 250,000 people on Gamestop's waiting list would gladly take a preorder from Dimple instead of waiting.

Some retailers don't advertise that they have them, so people assume that they don't.

LX-General-Kaos2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

It seems that Nintendo has struck gold once more with the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. From the many positive articles including this one, the Nintendo product line looks to have many lucrative years ahead of it. I am happy to see many returning Elite supporters putting their trust in Nintendo gaming once again. The better the sales, the likeliness of more third party dev support for our future investment. Launching first with an innovative quality product will play a large part in boosting the official install base, and gain momentum going into 2013. Leaving its mark within the industry before competition arrives.

The pricing seems to be just right to win over the hard earned dollars of the consumer. I had always thought that hovering around the $300 dollar range for a home console launch was just right. Nintendo seems to have had the same thought. A likely rewarding business strategy. The beginning of the long awaited much anticipated next generation of gaming is only 4 days away. It could not have come at a greater time.

Rated E For Everyone

josephayal2140d ago

Wii U's will fly off the shelves, I Think the Wii U will sell 10 million units in the first 4 years

MegaLagann2140d ago

0/10 You need to try harder

CaptainN2139d ago

Well considering they plan to sell 5.5 million by March....I have to say your estimates are way off LOL

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