Bane actor signs on to star in Splinter Cell film

Tom Hardy, the actor who played Bane, will star as Sam Fisher in a film adaptation of Splinter Cell from Ubisoft Motion Pictures.

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THR1LLHOUSE2161d ago

I'm very excited to see Sam Fisher speak in the Bane voice.

NYC_Gamer2161d ago

He doesn't look/fit the whole image of Sam Fisher in my opinion

soundslike2161d ago

Not all actors are meant to be type-casted into what people think they should be. They are *actors* after all. The notion that they should repeat similar roles is just one of those habits that Hollywood created to devolve movies into bite sized, easily predictable, chunks.

PS-ADDICT2161d ago

True. Mark Whalberg was The exact actor i thought of Max Payne ...And that movie sucked,

i Wish young Kurt Russel or young Clint Eastwood could play Snake in metal gear solid movie, not the voice actor

That guy from FireFly should Play Nathan Drake in Uncharted and the elena voice actress should play her

And all the actors that were used in the mass effect series should be used for the Movie. I know Sheppard And Miranda are real Actors maby Joker could be played by seth green

Jinkies2161d ago

"That guy from FireFly should Play Nathan Drake in Uncharted and the elena voice actress should play her"

No No and No

Nolan North should play him if Elena gets her role then Nolan should aswell

Lifeequals422161d ago

I can't picture him as Sam Fisher at all. Doesn't seem old enough, gruff enough, or American enough.

JeffGrubb2161d ago

Yeah, but I think he could still do something interesting as a super spy.

RyuX192161d ago

Have you seen Warrior that dude is pretty damn gruff, and he is a great actor you guys should be happy, but the more important thing is who will direct and write?

SybaRat2161d ago

Thank God they didn't cast Shia. You know they thought about it.

SeraphimBlade2161d ago

"After I get the achievement for finishing the game with no kills, then... you have my permission to die."

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