From Consoles to PC: One Gamer's Journey

IGN:My earliest memories with video games started from atop my father's knee, controlling the attack systems of a submarine while my father piloted it through the ever-narrowing depths of our family computer. We rarely lasted long, much to my displeasure, but I'll label it as a bonding experience for our mutual benefit.

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NYC_Gamer2198d ago

I believe its cool to support both platforms of gaming long as could afford too

Snookies122198d ago

Yeah, I've got a gaming PC as well as consoles and handhelds. It's much better to expand your gaming world (provided you have the opportunity to afford it) rather than stick to say one console or just a PC. I like being able to play Uncharted, Halo, Zelda, and Starcraft. No reason to stick to just one when there are great exclusives for each platform. :]

pr0digyZA2197d ago

Yup same, I have 360,PS3(vita) and PC and think its a great way to enjoy games as you never have to worry what platform a game is out for (just which one out of them is the best lol). Look at GTA normally I would want it on PC for best experience, but seeing as there is no due date 360 or PS3 it is depending on which one is improved and then I'll get PC version later on for the mods etc...

dredgewalker2197d ago

I've been a hybrid gamer since the eighties and I both love consoles and pc's. Both have their pros and cons but they do offer different gaming experiences. It's sad when people fight over which is better when the truth is you can enjoy both.

geth1gh2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

I sold my 360 and ps3 after finally being able to build a sweet rig.

I miss it and the exclusives for sure. I mean up until a year ago consoles were really all I knew (for the most part) of my gaming lifetime. It's just that the graphics on most console games are really just too horrendous for me to bear after seeing what my pc can do.

Not to mention that I just SUCK with a controller now when trying to play with my room mate on his 360. Funny thing is, I used to think controllers are just as good as a keyboard and mouse.

I'll probably get the next gen consoles and commit to getting my controller skills back then. But in the mean time I have no plans on investing in any current gen hardware.

darthv722197d ago

I started on consoles. Pong/2600 days and progressed through the generations with each new entry.

I had a time there with gaming PC's back around the Half Life days. Ive built my share of gaming PC's that could support the ever improving standards of the time from the days of 3DFX to Nvidia to ATI and games like Half Life 2 and Crysis.

My last gaming PC I built was in 08 (yeah, I know) but it was at a time where I made a choice to game on consoles more than PC. Mainly due to the cost factor (like NYC alluded to).

Benefits are abound for both platforms but one in particular was more decisive than the others. That was simply the consistency of the games. You knew that the copy of Gears or Killzone would play the same as the next guys because the platforms were intended to be consistent.

There was no guarantee on the PC side that your performance would help or hinder that of others. Not to mention that it was nearly impossible to try and stay ahead of the curve when it came to hardware.

Consoles may be more restrictive but at the very least they are consistent. Will i build another gaming PC? considering the number of years since my last I would have to say not at this time. There has been nothing that compels me to do so other than maybe the technical prowess of the newer hardware.

But shelling out the $$$ for a graphics card that gives me a few extra frames per second or AA at higher resolution isnt worth it (to me) when Im getting older and starting to slow down on the amount of playing i do.

Maybe there is a therapy group. I was once a hardcore gamer (played anything and everything games) but i have now become quite casual in my older days. It sucks to get old.

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MultiConsoleGamer2198d ago

I love my PC, but I would never limit myself to just one platform. I go where the game are.

SandwichHammock2197d ago

I wish PC only gamers well, with the most recent wake of news on W8. Now any app using DX11.1 will only be compatible with W8? And all W8 apps are going through and need certification through the new Windows store?

Awesome possum MS.

pr0digyZA2197d ago

Ill start crying when something worthwile gets announced as a win 8 exclusive that I want.

In other news Microsoft is adding some 11.1 features to win 7

SandwichHammock2197d ago

Microsoft quietly giving in. That's refreshing. Nothing to signal a change in the coming ways, but refreshing.

Thanks for the news refresh.

papashango2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

unfortunately after dx 10.1 and the stance most PC developers are taking on Windows 8. I doubt anything serious is made with 11.1 in mind.

might get a benchmark or two but W8 is already not popular with Valve and Indie devs. About the only thing they can do is hire Cliffy B to promote it

urwifeminder2196d ago

Im really happy i changed to pc most new games work great with the 360 controller now so i can still relax and kick back.

Treian2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I like being a PC gamer because of the greater variety of games, the funs mods, and the greater visuals. You don't have to spend that much to get a good PC for gaming. Only around $400-500 if you play smart. And as before, a 360 controller works wounders for a lot shooters and fighting games.