Top 5 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Beginner Tips

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is officially launched and available for play worldwide. By now, early adopters will probably have a good idea where they stand, skill wise, in the game.

Are you struggling to put together a strong match for your team? In the video, Small Kiwi expounds on the topic of kick starting your Black Ops 2 career, with his list of Top 5 Beginner Tips & Tricks.

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Naate2194d ago

Top 5 is tip! Much use, is good.

Majin-vegeta2194d ago

1.Make op class
2.Sit in a corner

saoco2194d ago

this is freaking sad... didn't see this dirt bag aim once.

2pacalypsenow2194d ago

in COd you don't have to, ive noticed that when you aim its less accurate. Also how can he take so much damage without dying on mine i die before i even hear the gunshot

saoco2194d ago

i hear you. i aim and they just walk through my bullets. this makes mw3 look awesome.

2pacalypsenow2194d ago

This game was made for SMG's they have the same power as an assault rifle and they are faster its so broken

Dovahkiin2194d ago

Yeah they always make SMGs OP, every time. Not sure this time round though, haven't played it enough to decide.

CynicalKelly2193d ago

SMG and firing from the hip is for close quarters, this game is a joke.

They just make each new game worse and worse. Now we don't even have to aim, this is like a kick in the teeth to good players who done well because of aiming, it separates the noobs from the skilled players.

I wish they would give them a game of their own, maybe this could be it and let us people who can play get a game where Aiming is required.