10 things to love in No More Heroes

1. It lets you drive the most ridiculous vehicle in game history.

Fifteen feet long. Four flaming exhausts. Inexplicable jumping capabilities. The Schpel Tiger is a complete pig of a bike and, by rights, should fail miserably. Guess what?

It does. The lightest of bumps sends it pinwheeling across the tarmac, and it has the turning circle of Wembley Arena. And yet, for all this, it remains a quintessential piece of No More Heroes lore; an unhinged monster for its unhinged master.

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N73603718d ago

Really good game overall in my opinion and should be at least rented or played by many wii owners

No FanS Land3718d ago

I'll ask my friend to rent this game at least. I've always wanted to play this game (besides the fact it is the first good third party game on wii, resident evil 4 being a port). This game proves there really is potential for companies other than nintendo itself.

Yi-Long3717d ago

... so I'll never bother with it.
Seems like it is an enjoyable game, but because they decided it needed to be censored, I'll never experience any of it.

Prismo_Fillusion3717d ago

Maybe in your country it is...
It's not censored in the US.