PSN racks up 8 million downloads

Gavin Ogden from CVG writes:

"According to Sony, PlayStation Network downloads are about to smash through the eight million mark. It's also being reported that in North America there almost three million registered PlayStation Network accounts."

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Mr_Kuwabara3807d ago

I just recently downloaded that free "Dream On" Aerosmith song for GH3. The song is pretty cool but it's overall super easy to play even in Expert. If you don't have GH3, you should download it anyways since it's for a limited time only.

Barreldragon003807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Thanks for the tip! downloading it now.


RecSpec3806d ago

True, that song is insanely easy. Makes me wonder how GH:Aerosmith is going to work. I can't really think of any songs that have the difficulty level of The Devil Went Down to Georgia or Raining Blood.

eagle213807d ago

I can't wait for echochrome, Wipeout HD, and HOME...The best original games are on PSN (PERIOD). Sony, please put ICO on the Store (I have yet to play it)...Download the Patapon demo off the store, my PS3/PSP owning brothers, it is crazy fun! You can also get the demo off the PC Store for PSP...Sony will trump the xbox live subscriber base by E3 this year! It has to be 6 million worldwide already...

ravinshield3806d ago

"The best original games are on PSN"..yea it does,im going to download bomberman,mortal kombat,streetfighter, uno, and so many other great original games from the live arcade kills PSwack anytime.homie,bratt

cokzilla233806d ago

i wish they would include street fighter 2 and/or motal kombat 3.

Bleucrunch3806d ago

I want them to put marvel vs. capcom 2 on their with online connectivity. 3 million is north america and counting hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .

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The story is too old to be commented.