IGN Live Presents: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

IGN - SuperBot Entertainment and IGN square off this afternoon -- and you get a chance to win the game.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2220d ago

stream ended over an hour ago. Story got approved just now?

8bitHero2220d ago

i saw the last 30 minutes. i played since the first beta and i can definitely see the improvements. my hype for the game died when it was confirmed to only be 20 characters though. surprisingly though, after watching that 1on1 im actually interested in it again, even if the roster doesnt interest me.

oli2220d ago

Yes, the fact that there are only 20 characters killed it for me. The gameplay was great, it has its own style of fighting, I would have liked some charge attacks like in super smash bros.

MaxXAttaxX2220d ago

And that's 20 different game franchises. Brawl only has like 15.
SuperBot could cheat too and make Ratchet and Clank separate characters to inflate the roster number like Fox, Falco, and Wolf.

G-Revolution2220d ago

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale does have Charge attacks. They hold the same property as a Throw or Super in that you can't block them. Only by dodging and evading through cleverness or by trickery.


Y_51502220d ago

Sweet tooth and Kratos has attacks that you can charge. Seriously did you play the beta?

Outside_ofthe_Box2220d ago

Word. My excitement went down when it was revealed that the 20 characters revealed was all that was going to be in the game, but when I got my chance to actually play the game it made the characters less important to me because I was having fun playing the game with only 6.

PirateThom2220d ago

At least if it's 20, we can hope it's really balanced.

That said:
Street Fighter IV had 25.
Mortal Kombat had 27/28.
Smash Bros Melee had 25.

It only seems really low because Brawl has such a full roster but it's not that far off the standard 25.

Omegabalmung2220d ago

Yeah hopefully they are balanced and maybe if they do make a sequel or DLC, they can add more characters.

Simon_Brezhnev2220d ago

Thats not the standard. Actually PSABR got a lot for its 1st game. Most new fighters have at least 12 or more.

BitbyDeath2220d ago

SuperBot should have announced how many characters we could expect much earlier on that way we could count down to it, rather than leave us expecting more.

Daver2220d ago

I still have the feeling that theres few more characters to be reveal to hype the game just before release.

ceballos77mx2220d ago

Got into a 1v1 match on the plus beta and it was pretty cool, fought radec with Sly and kicked his ass but it was fun

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tndtloveu2220d ago

They say they will do more DLC characters, and hopefully they are all free, I am not gonna pay $3-5 for a character...

8bitHero2219d ago

agreed. the only character i would ever even consider buying would be prinny but even then thats a huge, HUGE maybe.

BigDollarZoe9542220d ago

i think there will be hidden characters that would be creative do not tell us we just find out