10 Things About the Wii U That We’re Loving Or Hating

Kotaku - We're playing the Wii U here at Kotaku. We've got this new Nintendo console. And as we play, we're scribbling down a lot of thoughts, big and small, pro and con.

We thought we'd just start keeping a running list of them. That's what you'll get here, with links to our larger impressions pieces. Check back later. We'll have more (and will mark any updates clearly for repeat readers).

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eagle212192d ago

Nice to hear about the 8 foot cords! Seriously, what is up with the short cords these companies are shipping out? Good Nintendo reversed the trend. Also, he said the Zelda game in Nintendo Land is tougher in solo. :)

Deku-Johnny2192d ago

I'm looking forward to more additions to this list and I'm glad there are more Loves than Hates.

Moonman2192d ago

The hates aren't really hates...for a game to tell you to take a break...go take