Giant Bomb- Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Review

Giant Bomb- Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified attempts to bring some of the flavor of 2010's Call of Duty: Black Ops to the PlayStation Vita by giving you new missions that put you in the boots of that game's main duo, Frank Woods and Alex Mason.

While this could have served as an interesting segue between the events of that game and the just-released Black Ops II, Declassified is a disjointed mess of meaningless missions played against a clock backed up with a multiplayer mode that occasionally approximates something that resembled proper Call of Duty combat.

More often, though, the game feels too small to be entertaining, with maps so tiny that you'll literally spawn with an enemy in your crosshairs... or vice versa. This would be a questionable purchase at traditional downloadable pricing. But at $50? No way.

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NukaCola1798d ago

Yeah. I guess this game isn't what it should of been.

Amazingmrbrock1798d ago

With all the games getting dual releases on the vita and ps3 you almost have to wonder why they didn't just port black ops 2 over to it direct.

I think acti just don't care for sony products as much. Probably not anything personal, its more likely that they just really like the money microsoft pays them for timed content, and sony in comparison is rather cheap.

I'm sure if sony had offered them a few more mill to put a good cod game on the vita they would have jumped to it.

Akuma-1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

this illustrates why reviewers in todays gaming industry are useless. i bought this game with a bit of apprehension on account of this game being developed by a novice dev team but i am surprised about how great of a game it is for a handheld. this game isnt a game being developed on a ps3 with engines that has been refined due to multiple iterations of a game. this is a first generation ''handheld'' game.

this game is amazing and i prefer playing this over the samey experience of blops on ps3. blops ps3 is a good game but it literally feels like the other cod before it which is good and not a negative. id like a mass improvement in tech overall in the cod series so i i cant wait to get a xbox 720 or ps4 version next year. the experience of a cod game on a handheld that is quite similar to console versions is a feat and a treat but i cant expect it to be pixel to pixel or close to the tech of everything on the console versions.

to each their own but this game deserves a way higher score indicative of the game being good. i love it

guitarded771798d ago

This sucks... normally I wouldn't put too much credence into such a low score, but Giant Bomb is one of the few review sites I usually agree with. Still plan on getting the game for Vita, but I'll wait to score it at $20.

BattleAxe1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Generally when I see a large number of bad scores, I know the game isn't that good, especially after being burned many times myself from not listening to the reviews. Medal of honor is a good example of a game that got hammered by reviewers, and for good reason.

But with CoD:BOD for Vita, just what are they comparing this game to? Its probably the best shooter game to ever be released on a handheld. Theres no doubt that reviewers are not taking into account that this is a portable device, and while I'm sure that the Vita is capable of far bigger gameplay and graphics, as Killzone: Mercenary should prove, these reviewers have absolutely no perspective. The only thing that I see that is really wrong with this game so far is the price point. It shouldn't cost more than $30.00.

Ju1798d ago

^^ You were on a vendetta against MoH AFAIR, and I stil do not agree with your assessment.

I, however, agree with what you say about Declassified. This is a quick game mode CoD for a handheld device. I looks great and the controls and game speed is CoD. I am not sure why those reviewers actually expect a console version when it was clear it isn't. None of the games are - well, I would like to see a full console game on the Vita.

Declassified - and AC Liberation (and Burnout, err, NFS) show that visually those game can hold up. Its a design decision if anything to cater to a quicker get in and out of a game. That's all. But it sure doesn't reward a game a 1/5 score.

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darkziosj1798d ago

Funny how people are still defending this game, IT's 50$ for a half-ass cod. with a very bad mp and sp.

TKCMuzzer1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

If he's enjoying it then why can't he defend it. At least he is explaining his reasons, you on the other hand I think may be a little lost. Have you played it?
some people will like games that others will not, personally I thought Halo 3 was utterly mediocre yet there are millions who would disagree with me and will defend it's over inflated scores (Yes I mean Halo 3, Halo 4 looks quite decent).
So no it's not funny how people are defending it is the answer.

Klonopin1798d ago

They can slap a big juicy turd in a plastic case year after year, the sheep will still buy it.

dubt721798d ago

This is more about people defending a game for a system that's an abortion.

tubers1798d ago

Half assed? More like a quarter if you ask me.

A total rip-off for 50 dollars.

MP looks serviceable though but not for 50 dollars.

1798d ago
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GribbleGrunger1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

You know, something smells a bit here. We now know there are problems with the new COD on the PS3 and funnily enough there are currently 3 reviews for the PS3 version up on Metacritic and 44 reviews up for the 360. mmmmm... It's time for PS3 fans to boycott Activation me thinks. This is looking more and more like the Skyrim situation

ronin4life1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Two separate parties are ending up in a similar position, and the only connection is a party that is suddenly a victim?

No. The only constant in this case is Sony. The other devs are the variants. And many more have been having problems this gen, not just these two.

Sheikh Yerbouti1798d ago

Just buy good games.

You really can't blame Sony, when so many devs make great games on it - both first and third party. If they find it hard to develop, it is STILL their shortcoming when good PS3 games are out there.

If ActiVision obviously phones in a game with poor quality, they're the ones who should suffer. But as long as BO:D is in a bundle, Sony should be happy. Kids are stupid enough to buy crap; it's just their parents money.

miyamoto1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

The question is: Regardless of review scores, since when was a CoD PlayStation version better than a Microsoft one this generation?

Remember all the problems gamers had to put up with the past PlayStation versions of CoD everywhere?

Unfortunately this problem has carried on the PSV even if Sony of America CEO Jack Tretton was an Activision employee for five years.

It will be interesting to watch how CoD turns out on the Wii U, too.

Also let us see how AAA developer handles Sony's flagship shooter, Killzone. Then we can make a better analysis of the situation.

andibandit1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

The only thing that smells here is Declassified, it's bad, just plain bad....bad bad bad.


XabiDaChosenOne1798d ago

@ronin4life "Two separate parties with atrocious track records and close ties to a different third party that is in direct competition with the third party in 'question'." Stop leaving out variables just because they make your argument look stupid.

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killerhog1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Yeah "wow" some of his critism of the game is similar to its console brethren but yet this gets a 1 but blacks ops 2 (even with reported errors/bugs) is getting 9's to perfect scores?

Spawning on your enemies crosshairs happens repeatedly on the console cod, which has the worse spawning. Just for an example. I'm seeing videos of cod black ops 2 with lag, bad hit detection, crappy spawning infront of enemies etc..

Cosmit1798d ago

Really? You're seeing VIDEOS!?!? NO WAY DUDE! Play the game yourself before being a blind N4G CoD hating sheep.

cleft51797d ago

Yeah I don't trust Giant Bomb any more than I would Gamespot. Reviewers just can't taken seriously anymore.

StraightPath1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

People trying to defend this awful game becayse theytrying defend the vita. They thought this game will save the vita and increase its sales. No one cares to buy this downgrade of a game over the console version. Which idiot will buy this instead of the actual black ops 2 experience let this join medal of honor as one of the worst pathetic games this year and this gen. So farvita hasno good fps. Resistance n now cod awful. Hope killzone dnt join them soon. System needs games badly only triple aa games so far is lpb. gravity rush was enjoyable but nothing amazing.

Vita defenders dnt embrass actual vita owners by hyping each shovelware game to be the,killer app. Its not stop trying making urself fools. Awful gamr is awful.

Tapewurm1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Don't believe this review...have it is actually a blast and runs great...a lot of fun to be had's a mini console version and damn good...It's a different story and a nice stand alone game...exceded my expectations...pleasantly is full of bull puckey. Oh, and who is got mommy's credit card and made a website 8)

NonApplicable1798d ago

"someone got mommy's credit card and made a website"

Oh, the ignorance...

Haha1231798d ago

Ill take GiantBombs review over yours anyday...

Cosmit1798d ago

Don't believe this review? Then why should we believe your short uninformed "review"?

Tapewurm1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

To all the kids in their mom's basement at giantbomb that disagreed and commented on my post. I have spent a lot of time with this game.... The campaign is made up of short missions and basically plays like every call of duty before it. The online multiplayer is stable, rooms have been full since launch, and the killstreaks, perks, and everything that makes it call of duty's little brother work great. There is a Hostile mode that plays more akin to the modern warefare survival mode...wish it could have been zombies, but I'm not complaining. For them to have put together this type of CoD experience on a handheld system in the timeframe that they did is a feat in and of itself. I like the effort they put into it and the result is a fun shooter that you can take on the go. I realize that we all have opinions, but I can tell by the review that noone at "giantbomb" owns a vita or the game for that matter. Have fun in your mom's basement guys :)

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Christopher1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I've seen a total of about 30 minutes of multiplayer gameplay. It looked pretty good for a portable game to me. The maps weren't that small for 4v4 and you didn't always spawn on top of someone else, it was fairy random and infrequent actually.

I get the campaign may be lackluster, but for a portable title, it beats what you can get elsewhere IMHO. I think comparing it to the console version does a disservice to that fact.

Also, a 1/5 for a game with no serious flaws other than it's not as enjoyable or as big as their console alternatives? Seems weird, but I will respect their opinion.

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Moncole1798d ago

There you have it, a big game site with a great game journalist saying its bad and now you know the game is bad.

TKCMuzzer1798d ago

Great game journalist? Did not know they existed.

JellyJelly1798d ago Show
cleft51797d ago

I don't trust any game journalist. None of them have an ounce of credibility as far as I am concerned. Game journalist are to quick to hide behind the nonsense that their review is just an opinion to be taken seriously. Also, keep in mind that these guys sold their company to Gamespot, after Gamespot fired them for writing an honest review. Yeah I don't trust these guys.

Cocozero1798d ago ShowReplies(3)
brettyd1798d ago

I've heard nothing but good things from gamers about this game, weird.

admiralvic1798d ago

Same thing happened with Resistance Burning Skies, but that doesn't make either person right.

Ultr1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

no that one was aweful :D great great gameplay, but totally pale on Story side and presentation...
about declassified ..I dunno, I have not played it to be honest, but that developer.... I dunno

bryam19821798d ago

Man I'm thinking the same now i can't make my mind if buying it or no, reviews say game is bad but the gamers say the opposite wtf?

Hdz541798d ago Show
admiralvic1798d ago

Let me help you out.

If you want Single Player, DO NOT BUY.
If you really only care about MP, I would consider it.

The controls are good.
AI is dumb.
Offline is short.
No co op or Zombies.
has an enemy rush mode (offline / ad hoc) mode called Hostiles.
MSRP is $50.
Comes with Roads to Victory (PSP CoD game).
Visuals are better than Resistance, but not the best the Vita can do.
and finally... unknown future. The developer is moving to iOS / Android, so it's hard to say if we get DLC, many patches or anything.

dennett3161798d ago

A lot of gamers who have invested in struggling hardware with a drought of quality games tend to kid themselves that they're having more fun than they're actually having. It happens a lot.

Fez1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Exactly, was just about to say the same. Also reviewers don't have to pay for the games meaning they can be more objective about it as they haven't shelled out £40 for it. I found myself able to be more critical and objective about LA Noire after I got it free with Max Payne 3 than I would have been if I bought it for £40.

Hdz541798d ago

lol. so true. i feel bad for all the ppl who dropped $50 on this game and are trying to convince others that it was a good purchase.

Sheikh Yerbouti1798d ago

Depends on the person. I'm finding most who like it only do so for its multiplayer, which to me isn't anything I'd appreciate. It is easy to invalidate another's opinion by calling them fanboys. But some may indeed enjoy the game. You might too if you tried it.

Still ain't worth $50, can't get around that tho.

bicfitness1798d ago

RO, Dokuro, D3, Silent Hill, Little King, Gravity Daze and P4G around the corner. I guess it depends upon your taste in games. For Japanophiles like me, I love the Vita library and Soul Sacrifice, God Eater 2 and PSO 2 are out early next year.

If you're into hugely Western franchises or genres, then yeah, the Vita doesn't offer much. I hope the system picks up, but at the same time, I'm fine with it being niche for the next while so that I keep getting more obscure Eastern titles.

Sanquine901798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

i sounds you find it funny that the system is struggeling?

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soljah1798d ago

review scores seem to be a lot different from people who are actually online playing the game. most of what i have read on n4g and other user forum has been positive. a bite sized COD on the go.
game will still end up being one of the top sellers on the vita no matter what and activision knows this.