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Why Pro Gamers Don’t Play Call of Duty

Wired - “A new game release nearly every year is the biggest problem for a game’s healthy competitive community,” says Rod “Slasher” Breslau, co-host of a web show about professional gaming called “Live on Three.” (Call of Duty, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

B-radical  +   706d ago

Halo 4 78% (metacritic) 75 reviews

Black ops 2 84% (xbox) 44 reviews?

Does that indicate as to why?

May buy black ops 2 one day I got halo 4 for christmas of my grandmothers golf partner shes hectic as :)
secretcode  +   706d ago
I don't know where you see "78%" for Halo 4. It's listed as 87. http://www.metacritic.com/g...
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cpayne93  +   706d ago
I think he typed the 7 before the 8, so he meant to say 87. Still, a 3 point difference isn't any big deal.
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momthemeatloaf  +   706d ago
I think he's dyslexic
knowyourstuff  +   705d ago
If only people would take metacritic with the grain of salt it deserves we wouldn't be having this dumb conversation.
ginsunuva  +   706d ago
Blastoise  +   706d ago
What are you talking about?...
NeoTribe  +   705d ago
What the hell does that last sentence mean? Even after mentally adding punctuation its still baffling. "She's hectic as" pls ask for rosseta stone for christmas. No more games for you.
FanboyPunisher  +   705d ago
Games that come out yearly have little to no added value; majority is reused assets and code.

Why pay full price for reused stuff?

SKIP ANNUALS, just like COD.

Why do you think the best games never come out yearly? Good games require time, while annuals require paying off reviewers.

MGS, Uncharted, etc etc never would be so good if they came out yearly.

SKIP TRASH. Dont listen to reviews listen to reality.
They reuse assets and code, nearly everything for annual releases; why keep this terrible cycle going?
Lovable  +   706d ago
Loki86  +   706d ago
Pro gamers such as myself don't play COD because there is no audience for it. It is a very boring game to watch, especially SnD matches. It has over the top twitch gameplay which is incredibly noob friendly which makes the skill gap very small. Finally, the maps and tools that treyarch and IW have provided is not setup for LAN play.
Hufandpuf  +   706d ago
I saw a pro round of SnD. And it was very boring to watch. They just set up and camped the hallways until one guy decided to move. I can understand camping to win a pro match, but it doesn't make watching it any fun.
knowyourstuff  +   705d ago
That sort of thing happens in every game, where people camp out as a means of strategy. Twitch gameplay was even more pervasive with popular shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament back in the day, those were considered the pinnacle of gaming skill with the huge amount of pro gaming tournaments featuring those franchises.
chukamachine  +   706d ago
Pro, rofl.

Quake3 was the best mp game, but so many sucked at it.

I was a railgun god.
brettyd  +   706d ago
"Pro gamer"...keep telling yourself that
Intentions  +   706d ago
Maybe because CoD is too easy to get kills? =)
iNMyFiN4LH0uR  +   706d ago
Actually none of these points are really valid. COD on the MLG circuit has worked relatively well in the past. The console to which to play it on is based on the sponsers, MS in conjunction with Bungie has sponsored Halo in the past, while Black Ops 1 has been played on the PS3 courtesy of Sony.

As for the multiple screens, all ten screens are shown on the mainstage to the audience, so no issue there either. Pro gaming is pretty big on COD, just take a look at all the teams and ladders that exist on gamebattles.com. And with LeaguePlay and a push from Treyarch, COD is becoming a very competitive game.
BlitzAK  +   706d ago
I enjoy CoD, but it cannot compete with real skilled FPS, such as Quake, UT, CS.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   706d ago
Call of Duty is a pick up and own game. It hardly if at all requires skill to be good at the game. This is why millions of people buy it. The game is very accessible and people have fun when they are playing well.
Ve_Chuy  +   706d ago
Brainless run&gun games if for noobs
azshorty2003  +   706d ago
Because the Pro gaming circuit is 18+ and the average CoD player isn't over the age of 15.
GraveLord  +   705d ago
Because they suck.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   705d ago
It's the opposite actually. It's nearly impossible to suck at CoD. That is why millions love it. If you can't suck at the game you can't hate it in the general sense of the general consumer(casuals). Hardcore gamers want more of a challenge from their games, thus pro gamers aren't going to waste their time playing a game that is essentially designed to be an easy pick up and win game.
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PhoenixRising37  +   705d ago
I have the Dark Souls platinum and I play CoD.
need i say more?
stage88  +   705d ago
Pro gamer?

I think 'ultra-nerd' is more suited.
SteveSmith  +   705d ago
I think legit competition on COD games is impossible because those games are filled with hackers and Activision barely do anything about them. Activision doesn't even care about the hackers, as long as people buy the game.

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