Intro to Game Marketing, Casualization 101

Money talks; it also games. What was once an honored passion of nerds, geeks, and nerdy geeky kids alike has exploded onto the global scene catering to everyone from toddlers to seniors, rednecks to prom queens . In a world where everyone is a potential revenue source, no genre is left untouched and no game is left sacred...

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vortis2190d ago

Wow....just wow.


I wish I could up this somehow. This deserves way more attention than what it's getting. Front page this.

This article literally breaks down everything that's wrong with big business in gaming: It has nothing to do with video games.

Too bad this kind of article will be drowned out by raging casualized fanboys who scream and whine for their annual reskinned, rehashed generic blockbuster Hollywood experience from greedy mofo corporation no. ##

jaggernaut252190d ago

I'm glad you enjoyed it. While the site may be "PlayStation" University, we are very much about informative writing more than we are fanboys for a particular company.

If you enjoyed the article I hope you come back to the site often, we have a lot of cool stuff planned :)

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Outside_ofthe_Box2190d ago

***"These tactics are pretty damning to the gaming community as a whole. Games have been crawling their way through negative stereotypes of them being for children or just entertainment. Through the work of passionate people games have started to be seen as what they are: Art. The mixing of storytelling, cinema, and personal control makes it possible for games to be the height of simulated experience; surpassing books, movies, and plays through sheer ingenuity. The problem is as more games become causal it cheapens the artistic merit of the genre. Lolcats are fun, and everyone loves them, but they do not compare to the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, or Raphael. (Thank you Ninja Turtles). This threatens to destroy all the hard work that has gone into transforming cultural opinion."***

Well said.

jaggernaut252190d ago

Glad you liked it! You should refer to my previous reply :)

EdgarNygma2189d ago

This guy is right on the money, I bet he is handsome too

rbailey2189d ago

Phenomenal article that intelligently breaks down the industry in a nutshell. It's funny how most of the HOT articles here on N4G are only popular because of the controversial subject matter displayed by some of the bias writers who compose them.

This article blows everything else on here out the water and deserves to be on the front page because the author has nailed the topic perfectly and should be commended on that.