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Activision under fire: Stock hits its lowest point in a year

GamesIndustry- Activision investors have become bearish. Analysts discuss the publisher's prospects

Activision stock is now trading at about $10.75, about 15 percent down from its peak earlier this year. The stock dropped after Activision's earnings report, where the company beat estimates and raised its forecast for the year to a record level, but warned that 2013 results would not be as good. Logically, better earnings should mean the stock price would rise, but investors seem to be bearish on Activision's long-term prospects. (Activision, Industry)

RivetCityGhoul  +   964d ago
this really makes no sense to me. how can you have some of the biggest properties in the gaming industry but have your stock hit a low point? something ain't right here.
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Amazingmrbrock  +   964d ago
No it's exactly right.

See whats happening is the people that own stock in activision, or at least a great many of them, think that the company is about at it's peak as far as stock prices go. Consequently they sell their stock in the company to reap the benefits of the high prices. Which in turn causes other investors to panic and sell their stock which makes the stock prices fall quite quickly.

Combined with this the rumours that the parent company is trying to sell them off, it's just the prime time to dump activision stock.
MattS  +   964d ago
Because investor confidence in the entire games industry is dropping, is why. Investors are not confident that the industry as a whole can continue to grow when the less committed gamers are now not bothering with buying retail games when they can get stuff on mobiles and tablets.

Shrinking market means dropping investor support. Activision more than anyone stands to lose if these trends to continue. Where EA and the other big publishers are engaging in mobile gaming etc and diversifying, Activision is not.

I predicted all of this happening months ago. Always nice to know you got it right :P
aiBreeze  +   964d ago
"Because investor confidence in the entire games industry is dropping, is why. Investors are not confident that the industry as a whole can continue to grow when the less committed gamers are now not bothering with buying retail games when they can get stuff on mobiles and tablets."

Well Halo 4 is the fastest selling Halo game of all time. Black Ops 2 sales figures have so far pointed to that breaking records too.. so I think your statement is void tbh. Tablets and mobiles offer a completely different gaming experience and as long as their are consoles, they'll never replace the Halos and CoDs.

The gaming industry is bigger than ever with gaming becoming more and more mainstream. When games are pulling in more money than a lot of hollywood movies, I don't know how anyone can try and put a doom and gloom perspective on the gaming industry right now. It lacks serious innovation and maybe it's harder for new IPs to become popular however all the established franchises are reporting record sales, look at Resident Evil 6 and that's despite all the backlash it suffered from.
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MattS  +   964d ago
@aiBreeze - two games do not disprove an entire trend. Especially when both those games have obscene marketing budgets just to make sure they do hit the necessary numbers to break records.

If you look at the actual data, the games industry is shrinking. Hense the lack of investor confidence in the games industry's biggest software publisher.
Erudito87  +   964d ago
maybe its just stabilising it cant be always going up
GribbleGrunger  +   964d ago
Well, well, well, was the gimped PS3 version of COD and the less than stellar version on the Vita a 'smash and grab' situation?
sandman224  +   964d ago
They can't develop games on ps3. This is a fact. I bought back ops 2 on ps3/360 and installed the texture pack on the ps3. The sad part is that when I played it I thought the textures had to load still. Boy was I wrong. The 360 looks a million times better than the ps3. Don't buy the ps3 version. A better way to say this..... (Don't support a port)(don't support a port)
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nukeitall  +   964d ago
Xbox 360 games in general doesn't have very many bad ports.
Hazmat13  +   964d ago
omg activison stocks went down .01! lol jk
aiBreeze  +   964d ago
The stock will go up thanks to Black Ops 2. After the poor reception to MW3 and the mixed opinions on how Mists of Pandaria was going to play out, it's natural for investors to get cold feet when their biggest IPs aren't shining as bright as usual.
modesign  +   964d ago
cant wait for activision to hit rock bottom
3-4-5  +   964d ago
buy low, sell high.

It will rise next quarter once they announce the 10+ million copies of the game they sold.
nukeitall  +   964d ago

I think this is a great time to buy ATVI. ATVI is one of those rare companies that have delivered great games on established franchises repeatedly.

This is just the gaming industry cycle, and it will go up when new consoles are released and the industry is back on the uptick.

Buy low, sell high!
Conzul  +   964d ago

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