Cell processor in Toshiba TV

What happens when you take the powerful Cell microprocessor, the chip that sits at the heart of the PlayStation 3 games console, and put it to use inside a television? Toshiba demonstrated just such a T

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Julie3688d ago

I don't understand techincal thingies but yes this is amazing :O
Upscale thingy wow, i want one of those tv's :3

solidt123688d ago

Sweet. I wonder if upscaling will be support via Play TV on the PS3 when it ships. If so it could do the same thing it does in the Toshiba Cell based TV but from the PS3 so you could get the same results on any HDTV via HDMI.

Harry1903689d ago

why does sd cable tv look so bad on my 42 incch 1080p tv?why o why?curse the gods

Delt43688d ago

well SD doesn't look as good when it is not digital. The worst picture you will get is anything analog. ANALOG SUCKS. It is as cool as a black and white TV set. Where do you live and who is the cable provider? I work for a cable company and if you want to know anything about it just ask. There are also some things you can do to make the picture a bit better so feel free to ask.

Ju3688d ago

You can still do a lot with the SD signal if you process it right. Much more then current HD-TVs do. Actually, that's why I'd hope Sony would allow PlayTV receive a standard video signal or would include an SD tuner, which would pretty much result in the same thing just seen here in the video, but using the PS3 externally, though (I would imagine, the USB2 is to slow to feed more then 2 channels, however. But still sufficient for my needs). My TV scaler is crap, and so is my Setop-Box. With proper filters, that can be enhanced to scaled DVD quality, IMO.

Dpa3688d ago

At 42" you need to be sitting at least something like 10 feet away from the TV before SD starts to look reasonable.

Delt43688d ago

well yes SD video you can do alot with....if you have the tools and parts and the knowledge to do so. But most people francly dont have things to process to hd or digital picture. But we could also be talking about two diffrent things i am talking analog SD but when you move to digital SD most that is sent to you house ready to be translated

travelguy2k3688d ago

to transmit the diital data. If you watch the bit rate meter on the PS3 (press select) while watching a blu ray movie, i have nver seen it go over like 25mb per second and USB2 will do like 480mb per second.

player9113688d ago

Because SD is a small picture. When you take a small picture and blow it up to 10x its size... the picture looks like crap.

Thats why a 720 TV will look better than a 1080 TV... not because of WHAT it CAN display... but because everything going into it is normally a 480 or a 720 image.

HD = 720

So even watching a HD movie or show... a 1080 TV will still have to stretch the picture, again causing jaggies and horrible quality. So unless your 1080 TV is connected to a 1080 output device, your going to have visual flaws.

So basically at this point, the best TV is a native 720 HD that can ACCEPT a 1080 signal. This will actually display HD on a 1:1 ratio giving you the best picture AND will "shrink" the 1080 input display, which will look superb as well (no loss in quality).

So while a 1080 set will stretch out an HD 720 signal, it'll wreck havoc on a SD 480 signal.

What newer TV's are doing today, are upconverting the inputs so that they run at the native resolution of the TV (no stretching). This will take a graphic processor such as those in Olevia sets and now this Toshiba set.

I have an Olevia set, and it already has an ATI processor in it which does the same thing. It upconverts my SD signals and my interlaced signals. I don't know how powerful the ATI processor is compared to this cell processor, but every little bit helps.

I personally think the 1080 resolution is a waste because HD = 720, and everything is going to HD. The only way you'd get a 1080 signal is an xbox/PS3/Blueray/HD-DVD but the movie/game must support that 1080 resolution.

I just think they should have picked one resolution, made it standard, and focused around that. Having this 1080, this 480, and that 720 just makes things complicated and crappy.

gonzopia3688d ago

Upscaling from 720p to 1080p is not that bad. Even upscaling 480 is not that bad, as long as it's a digital signal. I'd hate to have bought a TV that doesn't do 1080p since the victory of Blu-ray means I can start buying discs for my PS3 now.

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TwissT3688d ago

Wow thats amazing. But I wish the quality of the video was better so we could see the comparisons of SD and Upscaled more better.

pigninja3688d ago

cause you're television my RROD, haha!

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