Surfer Girl: Beware of BioWare

Surfer Girl writes:

"I was just browsing the forums and noticed in the thread concerning BioWare, "Bioware Beware", the original poster removed their contributions to the thread (for the unfamiliar questioners, is definitely a place that is devoid of hoaxes and I hope it stays that way despite me mentioning it)."

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predator3718d ago

This seems legit if you read the gamewatch forums. very unsettling if this turns out to be true

gamesblow3718d ago

So they're basically Masonite's.... That explains why everything they do is garbage.

spec_ops_comm3718d ago

No more Surfer Girl. Everyone knows it's obviously Cliffy B subliminally promoting his next Epic game.

predator3718d ago

whats bioware got to do with epic?

ParaDise_LosT3718d ago

Leave and make anew....
Unless they're under contract or something..

god4bid3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

every big corporals like that...none is clean...thats where the big bucks comes in :)

From the goverment to's all the same

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The story is too old to be commented.