Talking Point: The Realities of Wii U System Memory Have Become Clear

Today's unexpected Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast gave Nintendo Life various details to frantically decipher and translate, ranging from confirmation that the Wii U GamePad won't have backward compatibility with WiiWare or Wii Virtual Console games, to some less intriguing information about parental controls. Another section of interest was undoubtedly that focused on external hard drive usage, as many gamers want to know the practicalities and choices for adding some extra memory to their Wii U. This part of the presentation, with its visual demonstrations involving glass jars, also brought home a simple truth — Wii U isn't giving us much space to work with.

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FinalomegaS2164d ago

well an extras drive will be needed if the media disc are to hold up to 25Gigs and the internal space is 32Gigs.. doesn't take a rocket scientist to know we need more space...

Neonridr2164d ago

I already have an external drive ready to go for the Wii U. It's a 2TB one, so it'll have plenty of space. I mean Tekken 2 is 16GB if you wish to puchase it digitally. As soon as I heard that you could plug in an external drive, I knew that was the solution. Why tack on an extra $100 to the price of the console for them to come back and only give us like 250GB extra. Why not take that $100 and then put it towards a 1 or 2TB external hard drive instead.

FinalomegaS2164d ago

i have a 2TB with USB 3.0 ( i think the Wiiu is 2.XX) but I'm ready also.

I didn't really pre-order the premium for the space... wanted the black system

MartinGlow2164d ago

Just be prepared to format the drive when you want to use it. Either way, it's great.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

The previous audience who made the wii what is was might not know what a gigabyte is.

Wish you could extend the ram.

FinalomegaS2164d ago

only console i remember extending ram, N64... and maybe saturn?

those never do to well.

wampdog292164d ago

Once you start allowing pople to upgrade the internals, you start to split the market of your own console. Games take extra time to program as they need to be able to use lower or higher specs depending on the system they are played on. If you want this, buy a PC.

wampdog292164d ago

Once you start allowing poeple to upgrade the internals, you start to split the market of your own console. Games take extra time to program as they need to be able to use lower or higher specs depending on the system they are played on. If you want this, buy a PC.

Moonman2164d ago

500GB drives for $40-60 these days. That should calm any nerves. 1 TB for around $80 or even less. Even if Wii U had 100GB, it would have not been enough for some folks anyway. Plus the console would be more expensive (in a rip off kind of way for storage)...

You pay $499 for 16GB from least Nintendo let's you use any hard drive up to 3TB.

1upgamer992164d ago

I am so glad any Hard Drive will work. Nintendo could have really screwed us and made us buy a Nintendo Hard Drive. Ehhheemmmm.....

Thepcz2164d ago

only a troll would think its a problem. when you run out of memory, you simply attach an external hard drive. idiot!

ziggurcat2164d ago

you don't run out of memory, you run out of HDD space.

Stroke6662164d ago

ummmm not to point out the obvious but hdd space is memory. maybe youre confusing it with RAM which is also memory but they are two different types of memory. one for storage one for random access which i wont go into the specifics on. so as thepcz when you run out of memory(u can also say hdd space if you want, tomato tomahto.) just attach an external hdd

soljah2164d ago

so r u guys saying that on the wii your games are played directly off of external storage? no transferring of game data into the system first.
seems like that would be pretty slow gaming, playing off of usb even if it was usb 3 compared to the 360 or ps3 with a internal hard drive.

Neonridr2164d ago

while technically playing off of an internal hard drive could be faster, USB 2.0 still supports speeds of up to 35 MB/s. Should be more than enough to play games directly from. I know I watch Bluray movies directly off a portable HD plugged into my TV and they play fine. I wouldn't worry about transfer speeds.

Stroke6662164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

sorry i have to correct myself its not 480mbps its 35-40mbps. but still shouldnt be too bad

Stroke6662164d ago

actually ps3 blu ray has a transfer speed of 9mbps where as xbox has a transfer speed of 16mbps. usb 2.0 has a transfer speed of up to 480mbps so it shouldnt be too bad

deafdani2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Usb 2.0 has faster read speeds than the blu ray on the PS3. It's about 4 times faster, actually. You will be able to play games off the external HDD just fine.

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