Star Citizen reaches $3.5 million with 5 days left of funding.

Chris Roberts’ latest game Star Citizen has hit $3.5 millions dollars in its crowd funding with 5 days left to go. The funding for Star Citizen was done both via a Kickstarter campaign ( and Roberts’ own website, Roberts Space Industries ( http://www.robertsspaceindu... Currently Star Citizen is the second most successfully funded video game crowd sourcing project, and according to Roberts Space Industries website they would need to top $4.2 million in order to take the top spot.

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Zha1tan1926d ago

fantastic, looking forward to this.

MikeMyers1926d ago

If big publishers like EA refuse to release games that take a chance, then having Kickstarter programs might be the future.

modesign1926d ago

have any kickstarter games actually been finished and brought to market.

Zha1tan1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

yes Chivalry medieval warfare was a kickstarter game and its now a very sucessful steam indie title being the 10th biggest selling game on there currently.

And as far as indie devlopment goes it is fantastic game that really is the gritty brutal medieval combat game gamers have wanted for ages.

OneAboveAll1926d ago

Well, to be fair Chivalry started out as a HL2 mod so it already had a big following.

biomajor091926d ago

Yes also ftl was a kickstarter and is now available on steam.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )


PC gamers are like publishers now. That is high status.