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Top 10 DLC Characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is the most anticipated Sony exclusive this holiday season. They finally took the hint from the Super Smash Bros. series and decided “Hey, we have a lot of cool characters too. Let’s make a game with them!” Based on the beta, it seems like the game will turn out quite fun to play, but what about after launch? They’ve already confirmed that characters and stages will be available as DLC, so it’s time to speculate… (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

Snookies12  +   774d ago
Sora is the main one I want. It would be so fun to use him in a game like All Stars... I can see his level 3 being the Final drive form with the ultima weapon keyblade.
ThePsychoGamer  +   774d ago
I'm surprised Kiryu Kazuma wasn't on the list, especially considering they delayed this game in Japan to avoid competing with Ryo Ga Gotoku 5.
LordMe  +   774d ago
I want Kat in the game as well! SuperBot didn't put a rep for the Vita in the game!
CaitSith  +   772d ago
Hello comment! I'm from the future! I just wanted to tell you that Kat is in the game! You heard it here first!
Jinkies  +   774d ago
I wouldn't pay for characters which should already be in the game.

Evil Cole is a main example of a character who is DLC material. Instead they put him in the game instead of adding another first party character.

Aveline (Assasssins Creed in general), Tekken characters and GTA characters are DLC material aswell but everyone else are characters you would expect to be in a game like this.
jaggernaut25  +   774d ago
I agree, it is definitely unfortunate that characters like Crash and Spyro are not in the game right from the start, but I think it's understandable that they couldn't fit everyone at once. There are a lot of issues to consider with characters like that since they are no longer exclusives.

This is just my personal wishlist :)
Jinkies  +   774d ago
I know theres the argument

"Well maybe they couldn't get them, it's not their fault"

but the fact is how do we know what actually went down behind closed doors. In my opinion I wouldn't of start making the game untill I got most of the characters like Crash, Spyro, Cloud which were massive stars on the PS1 and made the console even more popular.

Take the Old Snake/Raiden scenario for example, are you telling me that Kojima/Konami said yes to Raiden but for a legendary character like Old Snake no...I just can't believe it, with it being Rising Raiden as well it makes me think something went on behind closed doors....did it work out cheaper for Sony or did they get payed themselfs to promote Rising.

I mean Superbot has said that even with first party characters it wasn't their choice but hows that, if Sony got this studio together to make the game then every first party character would be no problem to get. I feel it's just an excuse aimed at the people who are questioning the third party characters, kind of make it so we think "Well if they wern't allowed first party characters then I'm not surprized at the third party"

"but I think it's understandable that they couldn't fit everyone at once"

Thing is, as I've said before, why add someone like Evil Cole when thats more of a DLC character. They wasted a character slot, even though he has differnt moves, Cole, as a character is still in the game in some form. Hell I'd rather have Zeke if that was the case.
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HellzRazor  +   773d ago
Aiden the poltergeist from beyond 2 souls, he looked or should i say played pretty badass in the demo, only problem is you can't see him lol but if the sniper from kz3 can get away with it why not.
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prototypeknuckles  +   773d ago
my top 10 DlC characters would be
1-the Prince of Persia
2-Crash Bandicoot(DUH!!)
3-Spyro(legend or the real one please)
4-Cloud(not a FF fan but no one can deny the importance of FF 7)
5-Jin Kazama
8-Lara Croft(she uses mythological artifacts and is more agile than drake)
9-Alex Mercer (I just want to see alex vs cole)
Wigriff  +   773d ago
Raziel would be awesome. I second that.
8bitHero  +   773d ago
if this list doesnt have prinny in it its irrelevant and the author doesnt know what their talking about. >:(

edit: LOOL this list became utter trash once i saw more tekken characters and a super generic human(gta character). i swear, some of these wish list have the most bizarre request ever. i remember i saw another one that had ghost or phantom, some shit like that(it was a call of duty character). i mean at least the assassins creed character has a unique look and wont play as "LOOK AT ALL MAH GUNZ"
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jaggernaut25  +   772d ago
Sorry you feel that way, but I do think that my list has plenty of diversity with characters like Tomba, Musashi, Spyro and Crash. I tried to pick characters that I would personally like to see, as well as characters that I thought were likely.
izumo_lee  +   773d ago
Seeing as Activision has basically screwed over Sony this entire gen i would not be surprised if their asking price for Crash & Spyro are through the roof.

Same can be said about Squarenix. They have literally abandoned the fan base they built over the years when they partnered with Sony thus giving them their most successful years. I would not be surprised as well if they said either 'Lightning or nothing', the same way Capcom insisted to have new Dante.

Superbot's hands are tied so it is unfortunate they may have to succumb to outrageous demands to have characters we actually want.
Wigriff  +   773d ago
I would like to see the tiki guy from Pixeljunk Monsters, or "the hero" from 3D Dot Game Heroes.
Paranoidplayer24  +   773d ago
My dlc list

Alex mercer
Pyramid head
Omar91  +   773d ago
old snake, sora and kat nuff said.
supremacy  +   773d ago
My personal ten are as follows...

Gabe logan
Jennifer tate
Lil and laarg
Minamoto yoshitsune
Rudy roughnight
Dart fel

Other notable characters are...

Emmit graves
Leonard from white knight chronicles
The puppeteer
Toan- dark cloud
Lead from soul sacrifice

It seems like they are using this game as a marketing tool, if thats the case then it would only be right for Sony to promote their heavily before anyone elses.
iHeartHelloKitty  +   773d ago
Cloud of course. Crash of course. Ico or Wander of course. Kat would be nice. Prinny more RPG support. Spyro is good one too. Snake of course any form old, big boss, or son of patriots version.
Max-Zorin  +   773d ago
DLC? Why they can't be available from the start? or at least require us to beat the game to unlock them.
jaggernaut25  +   772d ago
I agree, that is a whole other issue in and of itself unfortunately. They have already confirmed that there will in fact be DLC, though. Thus: this I made this list. A man can dream!
EdgarNygma  +   771d ago
I want Spyro!!!!!!!!!!!!
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