What does a 6-year-old Super Mario Bros. energy drink taste like?

To be honest, it tastes a bit like sweet soap, but watch as the Fantastic Neighborhood crew try to wax poetic about an old dusty can of soda.

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jar1552222d ago

I have a can of this from E3 2006. Haven't ever opened it, and I probably never will.

GreenRanger2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

It tastes like a six-year-old Super Mario Bros. energy drink.

guitarded772222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Probably tastes like crap... like it did when it was new.

The color is crazy. Looks like absinthe.

OneAboveAll2222d ago

Ha, our Vintage Stock still sells these. Taste pretty good!

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