CVG Preview: Battlefield: Bad Company, Destructible? Everything must go

CVG writes:

"While we generally lavished praise on the first Xbox 360 Battlefield, Modern Combat, back in issue 38, we had to admit to being slightly disappointed that the single-player game amounted to nothing more than an aperitif for the very, very tasty multiplayer main course. This has always been Battlefield's intention though, and Modern Combat was after all just a straight port of a PC game with the barest sprinkling of next gen magic in the visuals."

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jinn3687d ago

i would pass this and worry about Army of Two and Gears of War 2

ASSASSYN 36o3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

BFBC vs. cod4 vs. frontline fuel of war vs. operation flashpoint: dragon rising. BFBC looks fun but it is EA and where is the vehicle usage. Fuel of war IS fun with perfect vehicle intergration passive vehicle combat and vehicle usage big maps. COD4 no vehicle combat except passive vehicle combat which is cute and all but, sometime you want to do the mowing yourself to make sure it is done right. And if op flash: dragon rising follows the first operation flashpoint. You are looking at gigantic maps so large you may not see the enemy the whole time you run around on the level. Imagine walking for an hour hearing a battle and can't find it. Or, getting shot down in your A-10 crash landing and finding north by using the stars to figure out how to get back to base. Or better yet imagine the sniper level in cod4 with no boundaries. You can go anywhere anytime and engage the enemy in any way. Then, getting to an extraction zone by stealing an enemy BMP. You can do it in operation flashpoint 1 so imagine what dragon rising is going to be like.

Dragon Rising for the win.