First Final Fantasy Versus XIII track surfaced

The first track from Square Enix's PlayStation 3 title Final Fantasy Versus XIII has surfaced online, apparently from the new Yoko Shimomura CD Drammatica. The track is labeled as "Versus Theme", but we still have no information indicating it's the official theme of the game.


The song has been confirmed to be fake.

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conjurdevil3662d ago

Well I for one is expecting final fantasy series to carry on with the great music tradition!!

sonarus3661d ago

i'm still hoping that one of the FF's can make it out this yr. FF13 is the only ps3 game that can take ps3 past the wii.

ionace3661d ago

You're right, the series is known for its great musical scores and from the this I think its going to continue.

heyheyhey3662d ago

beautiful, just beatiful

vloeistof3662d ago

so nice ...

pleas se show us more of this game

Julie3662d ago

This is magic, i lost my breath listening to this, it needs no words :3

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The story is too old to be commented.