DmC Devil May Cry Demo Hitting Xbox Live and PSN Next Week

Ninja Theory have revealed that a demo for the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot simply titled DmC will hit Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network next week.

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RivetCityGhoul2014d ago

talk about a sinking ship. XD

ritsuka6662014d ago

Yep,incoming another failed Demo like Resident Evil 6?

j-blaze2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

i hope it stinks, cuz if it does, Capcom will stop outsourcing their games to the west and it will give them a big wake up call...but if this game did well, we will lose any hope of a true DMC game and Capcom will continue to ruin their own games by relying on western devs

@ TheBlackSmoke

if i go to a Japanese restaurant i want something Japanese not a hamburger, look at this game now, it's running on UE3, easy bosses and combo system for noobs, 30fps, the cinematics and characters look like shit....
you don't understand the game design philosophy between japan and the west, Japanese are the best when it come to action games, deep gameplay, challenge, character design, complex deep stories and outstanding cinematography.... if Kojima gave MGS5 development to a western studio you will be ok with it as you are with this game... good for you

Hanso2014d ago

Why do you have 1 bubble only ?
I fix that:)

TheBlackSmoke2014d ago

So basically what you're saying is if the game is good then its a bad thing because capcom will be justified outsourcing it to Ninja theory....

..your'e an idiot

Just proves all this "criticism" is pure blind hate. fake ass gamers.

SAE2014d ago

Blacksmoke , it is true what you say , he shouldnt hate a good game and wish for it to fail ..

But he also have a point , developers these days dont listen to fans , they are changing too much , if people feel like it need a change like that then they must do it , most people were against the idea so there is no reason to do it.

Whitefox7892014d ago

Capcom is attempting to restructure their game development philosophy by hiring on as much as 1000 new employees by 2023 to stop from outsourcing their games.

FrostyZipper2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

There was only a single thing in your edit that didn't make me want to slap you.

I won't say anything about NT's DmC, I've got a whole other essay for that and the original games. Let's instead talk about your entirely misguided statement on Japanese vs Western design.

First on the list: 'THE BEST WHEN IT COMES TO action games, challenge, deep gameplay. I'm sorry, what? Where exactly were you when Half Life 1 and 2 came out? Deus Ex? Battlefield 2? Gears of War? Team Fortress 2? The first three Call of Duty games plus expansion (by which I mean 1, United Offensive, 2 and the first Modern Warfare, there is no CoD3) Uncharted 2? What about Portal or its sequel? The first two Thief games? Those never tickle your brain?

Granted some of them contain design choices which are now staples for many games in development but these are only a handful of examples of the kinds of gems Western Devs can pull out every couple of years. Capcom's ex head of R&D and Global Head of Production Keiji Inafune said that Japanese games are five years behind Western designers and he was dead on the money. It was only recently that Capcom finally abandoned the dreaded tank controls for Resident Evil 6, and meanwhile for other Japanese games we have turn-based RPG after turn-based RPG and... visual novels... which is not to say that some of these aren't enjoyable or even good games.

The fact of the matter is that games such as Devil May Cry, Killer7, No More Heroes, Resident Evil 4 and some of the more well known Japanese games are the exception, rather than the rule. Western Designers actually try to innovate (or at least they certainly used to until this CoD fever gripped the market, but it's far from accurate to say that innovation is dead, I mean look at games like Dishonored and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, granted the latter is a remake of a timeless PC classic but it still stands out), and even then, we've got the Indie market churning out titles like Interstellar Marines (which I fervently hope achieves its Kickstarter target), Plants vs. Zombies, Natural Selection 2 and so many more. Can you really tell me that there's anything like that in the Japanese games industry?

Next on the list: 'THE BEST WHEN IT COMES TO character design, complex deep stories'. Saying this is like saying that all British people have bad teeth. Some of us do, but far more of us don't. Games are like films are like books in that you've got your good narratives and your terrible ones. Snake from MGS has only grown and grown as a character since his introduction in the first Metal Gear game ever made, on the other hand, as a general rule however the MGS games are actually pretty mediocre in terms of writing. Western games like Gears and the recent Cowadoodies put more of an emphasis on gameplay than story-telling, while Japanese games seem to prefer gameplay taking a backseat to story (or at least, to me they generally do). The problem with game design is finding that ever so fine balance between the two, which is something only Half Life, Portal, the first Modern Warfare and World in Conflict have ever really done fantastically in my opinion.

More to follow…

FrostyZipper2014d ago

Rant continued...

Capcom stands as the almighty King of consistently bad writing, with Epic Games and their Gears franchise coming in close second and I can quite easily and quite comfortably say that I possess more writing talent in my index finger than Capcom do in their entire writing department. The Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising, even Megaman (though significantly less so than the others which are actually apparently supposed to be taken seriously) have suffered from loopy, fanfictiony plots and dialogue that ranges between hilariously poor and 'oh-christ-above-did-he-RE ALLY-just-say-that-with-a-strai ght-face?'

What gets me most when it comes to character design in Japanese games is how utterly, completely impractical some of their characters dress. Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4 heads to rural Spain on a mission against giant, stabby tentacle monsters (and it WOULD be tentacles), surely some more rugged attire would be appropriate? No, let's put her in a fucking red dress cause it looks cool. Style over substance it seems is a rule where Japanese game design is concerned and I really only need to point you in the direction of the Devil May Cry series to confirm it. While Western games are far from immune to this kind of thinking, it's far, far less common than it is in any Japanese game.

Another pet peeve of mine when it comes to Japanese games (and this actually extends to Japanese media like anime and manga), is that 80% of the time, it thinks it's smarter than it actually is and practically demands you take it seriously. In fact, outside of some of Suda51's efforts I don't think I've seen any Japanese game which outwardly mocks itself or just doesn't take itself seriously. In some of those cases a tongue-in-cheek remark or some actually absurd gameplay elements in a world or narrative which has gone so far over the edge it's come up the other side would acually improve the overall quality of the game immensely. God Hand did this perfectly in terms of gameplay and will forever rank as the best PS2 game of all time to my mind, though it's story was pretty much 'for the lulz' and while Gene had his moments, he was only marginally deeper than a puddle and I remember him pretty much the same way I remember Dante: because he did some crazy shit... and also because I go through it at least once every two months.

Coming back to the concept of 'style over substance'; this kind of ties into cinematography and I'll give you that one. Japanese devs know how to frame a picture and generally I also find their box art much more appealing to look at than Western - particularly American - box art (I apologise to those of you who hail from the States, mostly because you've got to put up with so much face-collage box art).

End point is that story-writing and character design are inconsistent devices when it comes to the games industry. There are some fantastically realized stories and characters in Japanese games as there are in Western games. It's really a matter of how much work the designers put in (or think they've put in) to crafting a believable, workable story and cast.

Western game design is far from perfect and there have been some absolutely cracking Japanese games but you could not have been any more wrong when you made that edit.

miyamoto2012d ago

I knew you were up to something!
Ha ha!

Not all Japanese blooded people lives in Japan, FYI. To tell you honestly, we don't even speak Japanese or Nihongo at home.

But let me tell you something. I am proud of everything Japan, it runs in my blood. Japanese anime, manga, music & games since I was young is my life, tomodachi. (You are lucky I am in a good mood today)

You are very disrespectful for a Japanese. Are you 12 years old?

Also narrow minded at that because Jak & Daxter, and all three Uncharted PS3 games were designed by the great Japanese game designer at Naughty Dog Mr. Hirokazu Yasuhara co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog. So in other words these western games are designed & made by a Japanese. Didn't like western games before because for me Japanese games are the best but Uncharted games changed all that for me.

Didn't know these stuff at first when I played Uncharted 2 but these explains why it was most awarded game ever-thanks to Mr. Yasuhara & ND.


Evan Wells ND co-president @ 8:37

And you bash a game made by a Japanese person. Your hatred has blinded you & clouded your reasoning.

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Hanso2014d ago

I try it but even if i like the dumped down combat i will buy the game used.
suck it capcom

RivetCityGhoul2014d ago

thats right fight with your wallet, crapcom and ninja theory doesn't deserve any money. especially when NT insulted fans of the old DMC games and they insulted the creators of DMC.

Ares84HU2014d ago


Exactly!! There is no need to give money to disrespectful people.

This game has been doomed for a long time now. It will have really bad sales, I'm sure of it.

Hanso2014d ago

and making a noob game out of DMC with press DT to win Button and Broken Stylish meter so every casual can achieve a SSS in ranking

..its just hilarious
though i have to admit the new combat practise mode is a good idea but thats the only good thing i can think of..

2014d ago
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