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Skerj3777d ago

Kudos for the Mouse and the Mask.

Baba19063777d ago

that is some amazing gameplay. this will be fun. =D

barom3777d ago

yeah i went from zero interest to "keeping an eye on this one". It looks really good!!!

INehalemEXI3777d ago

Indeed. Was not so interested in this game or franchise until peeping this.

Skerj3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

THAT is what I've been freaking waiting for in a Survival Horror game, the SURVIVAL feature. The need and ability to use everything in your environment as a tool and/or weapon so you can see the next day. I hope this becomes a trend and Capcom and Konami pick up on it for their games, gone should be the days of static environments with little to no real interaction. Man, now a MacGyver game can truly be made!! Murdoooooooooooock.

Maldread3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Agreed. You can never go wrong with MacGyver-ish stuff ;)

The game looked a lot better than i expected, which is always cool :)

Violater3777d ago

but I hope there are still some run and gun situations.

SlyGuy3777d ago

Murdock!!! LOL. Now that would be the best enemy boss EVER!

Skerj3777d ago

Dude it'd be so awesome, he'd be like Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 because you'll never know when he's coming and you ALWAYS think he died. The difference is each time he looks different, because he's mofo'ing Murdoc!! So you'll always have to watch out for random guy to be some master assassin and triggering a set piece boss battle of awesome. Ahh man I want a MacGyver game now.

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Tinderloo3777d ago

Nice to see the developers using some real initiative for once. Looks like some pretty original features and the relationship between light and gameplay looks very interesting.

I wonder what the limits of interactivity will be though. I would have been very impressed if they had thrown the chair into the fire to see it slowly burn and disintegrate realistically.

Skerj3777d ago

That's in there, you can break chairs and tables and create makeshift torches.

TheXgamerLive3777d ago

In fact I think the police and military should throw away their guns and just use sticky tape:))

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The story is too old to be commented.