Crytek: Time Splitters HD Collection will be made if fan petition hits 300k signatures

Crytek's CEO recently said that if a current fan petition gets 300k signatures that the company will make a Time Splitters HD Collection.

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Snookies122220d ago

Yes! This needs more exposure! I already signed and got my friend to sign as well. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Also, if it does, and it gets some online play and level trading.... It would be perfect... Lol, get it? Future "Perfect".

To those who've never experienced Timesplitters, it was for me personally, the Perfct Dark/Goldeneye of the PS2 era.

RmanX10002220d ago

I remember playing one of them at my ex-gfs house and all i remember from it was a cat driving mini game... And you could see its butt hole. I would love to see that in HD.

Snookies122220d ago

Classic Timesplitters humor... :D

I'll be disappointed if the cat butt isn't retextured in HD lol.