Lost Odyssey: Techtree Review - 'a very emotional tale'

Death is the second-most-feared phenomenon worldwide; the first is public speaking. But let's not get into that. For centuries, people have wished for immortality; everybody wants to see the world change over the centuries. And now, the latest game from Mistwalker studios for the Xbox 360 called Lost Odyssey is about an immortal called Kaim, a warrior who has lived for a thousand years. The game is a very emotional tale about Kaim and his journey to rediscover himself, as he has lost his memory (a thousand years of memories can be overwhelming).

The game is about 50 hours long, with CG video every 15 minutes or so. The presentation is pretty good, with some amazing CG videos and soulful music that will mesmerize you for hours after you're done playing. It all looks amazing, and the visuals are on par with those of some of the best RPGs in the market. The only issue is that the game takes forever to load.. and there is a lot of loading. You'll spend at least 15 to 30 seconds on every level load.

This is a great game, but nothing exceptional. It's very slow and will not quite click with the action-oriented crowd. It looks brilliant, but at the same time, the load times are irritating. The frame rate drops at times, which is unpleasant. Buy this game if you enjoy slow turn-based RPGs; it will be a great addition to your Xbox 360 collection.

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name3836d ago

I wanna play this :(

Robeezy3836d ago

I got this game yesterday, the load times arn't bad at all, i haven't had one over about 5 seconds yet. I also haven't noticed any frame rate issues either. I only played one JRPG and that was on the dreamcast but so far I am pretty happy with my purchase. The story is good and the CG cutscenes are nice too. The opening CG is probably the best one i've ever seen in a game.

Guwapo773836d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the load times reduced in the final verison. The main reason why Gamestop will be changing the score on the game. MS decided to send the reviewers the Pre-release version of the game.

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