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Submitted by Smurf1 1112d ago | video

Wii U: Nintendo Network video released, shows Internet Browser and more

Nintendo has released a new video for Nintendo Network and it's something that they should do more often since we don't have a lot of information on the network. (Nintendo, Wii U)

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Y_5150  +   1112d ago
It's going o be hard to hold off on WiiU. But I must... That orange, man!
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AWBrawler  +   1112d ago
the fruit meme lol
onyoursistersback  +   1112d ago
im supries Kruto/or whatever his name not here doing more PR talk

"rated E for Everyone"

On topic, i like what i see.....i think this will be a great gift for my 4 year old.

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DeadlyFire  +   1112d ago
hmm. Watch sports and play at the same time. This is genius.
showtimefolks  +   1112d ago
I hope Nintendo has learned something from xblive and really from PSN since PSN started out really slow,dull,boring lol to now where its a great service. I hope we won't have to go through the same growing pains with wii-u network but i am afraid we will just because this is N's first try into something like that for home consoles
metroid32  +   1112d ago
Well from what i see its a better start than either XboxLive or PSN going off what we know is their from day 1 ??
chadboban  +   1112d ago
Love the reference at the end to Iwata and his bananas.
Dr_Salvitor  +   1112d ago
It made my day
-Mika-  +   1112d ago
It sad they're just now releasing this. Also they did not mention any plans about expanding this to the 3ds. Is that idea still even alive. I just don't get it. Sony is adding new features to the vita as you saw with the 2.00 update like wirelessly transfer files between the vita and pc, email app, psplus and more. Meanwhile 3ds is just the same. No achievement system and no word of Nintendo id appearing on that system. I'm just so annoyed that people will rather support this instead of supporting a company that actually deserves it. I just don't get it.
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SonyNGP  +   1112d ago
"I'm just so annoyed that people will rather support this instead of supporting a company that actually deserves it. I just don't get it."

Wehh people are supporting Nintendo instead of Sony!
Wehh Sony deserves better!

Get over it. It's called preference. Some people prefer Nintendo over Sony, and some people prefer Sony over Nintendo. It's not that big of a deal.

Hell, there are a lot of people that support both, and even Microsoft. But I guess you never really thought of that, huh?

How about you grow up, and move on, instead of making a huge deal over stupid little things?
animegamingnerd  +   1112d ago
why do you treat nintendo as the worst company in the industry they deserve a lot more support then EA, activsion, capcom, and square enix those companies deserve to have every game they release flop due to their business practices
FlairSomewhere  +   1112d ago
So are you going to buy one?

What if all those things you mentioned were features?

Yeah, didn't think you would.
ylwzx3  +   1112d ago
Achievements didn't exist 15-20 years ago and I have been gaming since I was 5/6yrs old.... I don't get the big deal with achievements....
MegaLagann  +   1112d ago
How else am I going to wave my e-penis around?
guitarded77  +   1112d ago
The thing about achievements is they have become an accepted and now expected part of gaming. They add more replay value, offer gamers different ways to play a game outside of the norm, give some insight to your friend's gaming habits, give players a sense of personal achievement (like a record book of your gaming history), they are bragging rights... I could think of a dozen other positives about achievements, but you get the point. When a game comes out on all 3 systems, why would Nintendo want that game to have a feature missing that the other consoles have? Sony learned quickly the importance of achievements and implemented the system to compete with MS. We saw the excitement of MGS4 getting a trophy patch several years after launch. Just because you don't really care, doesn't mean others don't as well. I have my Wii U pre-ordered and paid for, but not having a centralized over arching achievements system is a let down... especially after Reggie said "We'll have all that" in an E3 interview with GT. I'm 35 and have been gaming for as long as I remember, but just because we didn't used to have achievements doesn't mean we don't need them now. We used to not have HD games... now we do, and I don't see anyone wanting to go backward. We used to only have a couple buttons on a controller... we used to only have joysticks and paddles (no d-pad). Innovation is good, and achievements are an innovation which have become a standard... Nintendo should recognize that, and realize that the majority of gamers want them.
Neonridr  +   1112d ago
Sony didn't learn quickly. It took them 2 years to implement the trophy system, it didn't come out until 2008.
guitarded77  +   1112d ago
@ Neonridr

It appears you're arguing the time of trophy implementation by Sony, just for the sake of argument. In reality, Sony did do it very quickly. They couldn't just say "oh, here's trophies" in one day, they had to build the system into PSN, and give developers enough time to make changes in current projects. I stand by everything in my previous comment. If someone doesn't care for achievements, fine... but there are more pros of having an achievements system then cons. I for one want an achievements system on the Wii U, and hope if becomes a mandatory implementation as Nintendo Network and Miiverse grows. Oh, and it was less than 2 years from launch and implementation of trophies.
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AO1JMM  +   1111d ago
Achievements/Trophies were not but gamers back then did fight over the highest score in most games. Just look at arcade games.
DivineAssault  +   1112d ago
Doesnt matter how much more nintendo sells because vita & PS3 get many more 3rd party games regardless of sales.. Many more adult oriented titles as well..

This system has some cool features but its missing a lot too.. Just like the games.. It has some cool ones but its missing a lot of others (multiplats).. Ill wait til i see what orbis brings before i buy one of these..
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millzy102  +   1112d ago
3da has more 3rd party games than vita and I know this for a fact as I own both systems vita line up is pretty shit but I'm happy with the few games I got on it. 3DS has 2 resi games what about vita (none)I'm getting a Wii u and ps4 as I play mutipal platforms, of your a real 'hardcore gamer' then 1 system simply isn't enough. I prefer Nintendo to Sony because there the only real games company, ms and Sony have other businesses to fall back on to make profit Nintendo doesn't. I'm not saying Sony is shit but if all 3 systems are the same whitch people expect there is no point and there should only be 1 on market. each console should have its own traits. by the way achievments are shit I've been playing games for 22 years and achievments have only been around for 7 of those. ACHIEVMENTS ARE NOT ESSENTAIL FOR GAMING, GAMES ARE ESSENTAIL FOR GAMING AS IT IS CALLED GAMING FOR A REASON.
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MasterCratosKong66  +   1112d ago

"of your a real 'hardcore gamer' then 1 system simply isn't enough"

"if all 3 systems are the same whitch people expect there is no point and there should only be 1 on market"

your words are so wise in my opinion. If you fix your spelling then it would be true beauty to read them
WiiUalpha  +   1112d ago
@MasterKratos, "I'm not saying Sony is shit but if all 3 systems are the same whitch people expect there is no point and there should only be 1 on market. each console should have its own traits" EACh console should have it's own traits... Funny how you missed that part at the end but then if you did what would you have to post about...

@Divine, Don't send me any more PMs begging me to leave you alone and telling me how much of a Nintendo fan you are.

Funny how when its an article about the Vita those missing games arent an issue for you. I stop pointing out your bias in every post and you go right back to it. How pathetic your life must be.
MasterCratosKong66  +   1112d ago

Not quite sure what you mean... Differentiation in consoles is a good thing and that is what I was agreeing with. Wii U is doing that and I want the other 2 to do it as well. I think you may have misunderstood?
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Starbucks_Fan  +   1112d ago
Nobody takes you seriously Mika
cleft5  +   1112d ago
On that note, I went ahead and ignored him/her. I am getting sick and tired of people who write comments without any substance to them. It's really sad that some people have nothing better to do than to blindly hate on a product/company.
eagle21  +   1112d ago
Call security if you ever see "Mika" at E3 near Mr. Iwata!!!! haha :)
Nevers0ft  +   1112d ago
"deserves" is a very subjective word. Personally I'm never likely to spend money on a Sony product again simply because of how they behave as a company. It has nothing to do with their consoles, they seem pretty damned good imho... But as a company, they're an arrogent, deceitful, litigious bully (CD rootkits and the Geohotz case spring to mind) and I don't want any of my hard-earned money going to them.
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dantesparda   1112d ago | Offensive
Y_5150  +   1111d ago
I support both. So what does that make me Mika? :P
omarzy  +   1112d ago
Some pretty sweet stuff. I can't wait to get one!
cleft5  +   1112d ago
This video was great and it's good to see that the folks at Nintendo has a sense of humor. The more I see of the WiiU, the more I like the features. If Nintendo can just secure third party games than the WiiU will be incredibly successful. I won't be buying a WiiU at launch, but I will pick up a WiiU very soon.
AWBrawler  +   1112d ago
I think I jizzed my pants a little.

seriously though, I can see my self loving these features. especially when a turnbased RPG comes out that lets you use the gamepad as a screen. I could then watch my WWE and Regular Show, and keep on gaming. I already know I'm going to use my gamepad to play mario during the boring matches on Raw and Smackdown.
ScubaSteve1  +   1112d ago
so does that mean when were playing with the mii verse do we get to hear comments from different countries? or only ours that we live in?
Realplaya  +   1112d ago
If you think about it Nintendo actually included reasons to use the wii u other than games. There are a lot of bonds built via COD and games like that to think you can mingle in the plaza and chat. I like what there doing and glad I ordered mine on day 1.
Pillsbury1  +   1112d ago
All of its features seem really cool. I am very excited for the possibilities that this and the future hold. Speaking of the future, I was wondering what everyone's predictions for nintendos next gen handheld will be. I am picturing a very slim, thin size of a cell phone portable device. It will have dual slider pads and a touch screen but be very small and pocket sized. That is my dream of having my cell phone in the same pocket as my Nintendo handheld.
ninjabake  +   1112d ago
The DS wasn't succeeded until about 6.5 years after initial launch, I wouldn't expect a 3DS successor until at least 5 years from now.
Sarobi  +   1112d ago
Welp... this is a bummer... I was set on not being interested in this, but now I definitely am. (my poor wallet D;)
TemplarDante  +   1112d ago
Im a gamer. Not a hater.
With that said.. I believe casual gamers are ruining the industry.
So, I ask the question, is the Wii U a casual or hardcore console?
Does Nintendo know what it is?
ninjabake  +   1112d ago
Dude, its a videogame system that has got games for everyone. No need to get political about it and ask whether the system is "hardcore" or not. If its something YOUR interested in, then play it. If not, don't. But using the excuse its not "hardcore" enough is tired and silly and begs the question: why do you play videogames? To have fun/be entertained or to prove how 'cool' you are for playing a shooting game?
WiiUalpha  +   1112d ago
You're not much of a gamer if you care about core vs casual. It also shows you havent been gaming very long because casuals have ALWAYS carried the market. Was my 75 year old Grand Mother hardcore when she was playing pacman at the drug store? Yet you are still able to buy games today arent you? They didnt destroy gaming and they've been here since its inception. Which is more than can be said for you.

Did it bother you or stop you from owning a PS2 when it had a casual focus. Don't give me any BS about the games. For ever Hardcore game you can name on PS2 I can name 10 casual games. Elitist attitudes are BS. If not for casual none of the games you play today would even exist
Neonridr  +   1112d ago
Very well said. I love how suddenly the world of video games is only about "hardcore" gamers. Where was the term back in the NES/Master System days, or the SNES/Genesis days? That term didn't even exist until the Xbox came along, and it sounded cool to say that you were hardcore because you were against Nintendo.

If the Wii U doesn't interest you, then don't buy it, plain and simple. I didn't buy a PS3 because I chose the Xbox 360. I know the PS3 has many great exclusive titles, but they just don't interest me. But I don't sit here saying the console is stupid or not worth it. It just doesn't appeal to me as a gamer. Meanwhile the Wii U definitely does, hence why I preordered one.

I swear, so many people in today's world feel like if they don't agree with something or don't like it, they feel the need to have to put it down or something..
deafdani  +   1112d ago
Why can't a console appeal to both camps equally? Sony's doing it, Microsoft's doing it, so why the Wii U can't do it as well?
1upgamer99  +   1112d ago
As a 40 year old guy, I can tell you Nintendo has been both from the days of NES till now. The N64 was too hard to develop for. The Gamcube had way more power than PS2 and many hardcore games, but it sold just okay. The Wii had some pretty cool hardcore gamer games, BUT Nintendo really should have given the Wii more power, I mean common. It was just a step up from the Gamecube. Now with Wii U, Graphics will be good, and its going to do what it should. The casual gamers will get their fun pick up and play games, and the Hardcore will get their FPS in a way never available before. There is just not another system that can do what Wii U can. I for one Would like the Pro controller and use the gamepad for my HUD.
FinalomegaS  +   1112d ago
thought i was one of the old folks on here. good to know you got me beat by a couple years : )
Y_5150  +   1111d ago
I'm glad that all these guys replying toyou are giving you more of the right way to think like a gamer. I'm tired of the term "Hardcore" being mention as to how you game.
maniac76  +   1112d ago
Wtf is up with creepy dood staring at the orange haha.
Schawk  +   1112d ago
Nice work nintendo, looks better integrated than psn and xblive
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againstblindfanboys   1112d ago | Spam
stuntman_mike  +   1112d ago
That japanese dude looked a bit lonely sipping his tea...
1upgamer99  +   1112d ago
At this point and time, it is about preference. Nintendo has GREAT games, more IP'S than anyone else. Better hardware than any other console out there for at least a year. No other system can do what Wii U can period. When the new systems come out watch them once again follow the leader. The reason there was so little info about Wii U released even at E3 is because Nintendo knew they would be copied, and that is EXACTLY what Nintendo said after E3.

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