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Pre-Order PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Now on PSN

From AnalogHype.com: "It's coming, with only seven days left until PlayStation All-Stars retail and PSN release in the US, Sony has put the game up for pre-order on PSN. If you go to the PlayStation Store and search "PlayStation" you should find it quickly. Simply click on the game, then add the game to your cart." (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

jujubee88  +   709d ago
"...Sony’s really stressing these midnight releases..."
TheHater  +   709d ago
how so? This will be the second midnight release for a day one digital release. If Sony was really stressing mid-night releases, we would CoD Black Ops 2, AC3, etc mid-night on the PSN. Hell they should let you predownload the game before midnight and you can play it at 12:01 like on Steam.
jwk94  +   709d ago
Read the article. I stated that COD Black Ops Declassified had a midnight release today. Before that we had Assassin's Creed 3 and Liberation. Then we had Mass Effect 3. And supposedly RE6 or Dishonored, but I'm not sure about that.
sdozzo  +   709d ago
Midnight release is cool because we know when it will actually hit. Currently, the store updates for me between six and ten PM. I like exact times.
Canary  +   709d ago
If by "stressing" you mean "finally getting around to doing them with a handful of select titles."

I mean, sure, it's nice to see them finally start emulating Steam. I just wish they'd started with decent sales and discounts before jumping to midnight releases and preloading.
-Mika-  +   709d ago
That cool that the game will be available at midnight. I hope sony does that for more of the day 1 releases.
TronEOL  +   709d ago
This is a good thing! I've been waiting to hear about this, to see whether or not the pre-order costumes would be included.

So I canceled my pre-order from EBGames and ended up pre-ordering it on the PSStore. Saved me about $8 in the process.
sdozzo  +   709d ago
Sadly, I think this title will flop. Love SONY but this has been so so since the beta. We like nintendo characters because we've been around them since the beginning of time. These guys... Just don't have the same feel.
r21  +   709d ago
Then its not your game...but for the thousands, if not millions, of PS fans out there who've played games from PS1 to PS3, this is their game :D I will be gladly buying this game day 1!
dafegamer  +   709d ago
"Well thats just like your opnion Dude"
one2thr  +   709d ago
Says the guy that probably haven't played the beta, but will probably claim to have played. Well I will be buying this game day one for PS3 and Vita (cross buy).... Btw I played the crapout ofthe beta and only played with the same people 2 times and one of those people were due to a 2Vs2 invite, so there are people interested in this game but it being a complete flop is hard for me to see... And thst coming from a guy, that can whoop a55 with Link, kirby, and mario on any smash bros... Bro, so good day.
Typed with Vita
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sdozzo  +   709d ago
I played the beta, but it wasn't great. It seems like a nice game. But, you can't really think this will crush sales.
DrDeath  +   709d ago
HAHA i grew up with playstation not Nintendo. i mean ya it was there but playstation was where it was at. Twisted Metal with friends? Sweet tooth is my main for this game. I barely know the Nintendo characters. sure everyone knows and played mario on Gameboy but please.
smashcrashbash  +   708d ago
I grew up with many PlayStation characters like Parappa, Spike and Sir Dan and Nintendo wasn't here 'since the beginning of time as you put it'. There characters much older then Nintendo's own. This is for the 150 million people that owned PlayStation systems.How quickly people forget that many modern gamers were introduced to gaming by PlayStation systems.Just because people try to reject them as best as they could people still remember them. Haven't you seen the tons of lists people had for PlayStation characters. They still want them.
cpayne93  +   709d ago
Man I wish there was a black friday deal for this game, but they're too close together. I'll still get it tho, oh well.
Sarobi  +   709d ago

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