BioWare rewards Black Ops II gamers affected by Mass Effect CD glitch

BioWare has announced that the CD manufacturer glitch that saw copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops shipped with Disc 2 of Mass Effect 2 instead, is "an omen", and is rewarding affected gamers with a PC copy of the Mass Effect Trilogy for free.

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lilbroRx2196d ago

Is glitch really the right word to use for this? I doubt a patch will fix this.

Irishguy952196d ago

Wow....Free copy of the trilogy, hmm, chances are most PC gamers already have them though

SonyNGP2196d ago

So gamers get both Blops 2 (download from Steam) and the Mass Effect trilogy. That's cool.

PS-ADDICT2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Meanwhile ,at Activision Offices there trying to Figure Out How To Get More Money out of this, sue the manufactures, Sue EA somehow, Sue God for creating the people who run the Plant, Sue Bioware, Sue The World For Buying the Game, sue Commander Sheppard For being Soo Awesome...i Dunno

HenryFord2196d ago

They are probably trying to figure out a way to sue themselves without losing money but gaining some. There has to be a method. There just has to be one...

Farsendor12196d ago

doesn't matter if those gamers didn't get the 2nd disk of cod or not as long as they received the cd key in their box/package they will still be able to download the game

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