PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 Referenced by Activision - Nick's Gaming View Episode #101

"Activision’s CEO references a new console outside of the Wii U, Nintendo announces large midnight launch for Wii U, and the developer behind Halo 4 justifies its daily experience point cap, THIS IS NICK’S GAMING VIEW!"

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MultiConsoleGamer2224d ago

It's the 720. PS4 dev kits have yet to be finalized.

Firebird3602223d ago

You must be joking right?

CraigandDayDay2223d ago

If the PS4 isn't finalized, it's damn close by now. It has to be. The thing will release next Christmas or Spring 2014. There's no way they'll wait until Holiday 2014. That is just too long.

BitbyDeath2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Wii U Dev Kits weren't finalized until May this year.


PS4 Dev Kits are said to be finalized Summer next year.

Devs don't need the final kits to start working on games, PS4 dev kits have already been released.

MultiConsoleGamer2223d ago

Of course, and we know preliminary ps4 kits exist because at least 3 developers are working on ps4 games.

However with final kits hitting next summer, that pretty much proves ps4 won't make it to the shelves in 2013. This is all pretty much common sense.

BitbyDeath2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Not necessarily, as the Wii U Dev Kits only got released a month out from Summer would still make it possible.

I expect both the new Xbox and Playstation to launch pretty close to one another though, hopefully both in 2013.

sandman2242223d ago

Good show buddy. Keep up the good work. Also I'm betting that activision was referring to a new Xbox.

lfclee2222d ago

I always buy all 3 consoles because i like all exclusives.