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Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified review - Pocket Gamer

Pocket Gamer's Peter Willington writes: "Everything about Declassified is a massive middle finger to the fans. It's a £45.00 mistake for you to make this Christmas, driven to purchase it on a wave of excitement from Black Ops II on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. It serves no purpose but to frustrate and annoy, with lacking single player, little use of the potentially fascinating BLOPS universe, and almost totally broken multiplayer." (Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, PS Vita) 4/10

Snookies12  +   931d ago
Ouch! I called the bad reviews, but this is the first I've seen. Any others out yet?
jony_dols  +   931d ago
Most of the user reviews I've seen online have been very positive though. A lot of the negativity in this review centers around Declassified's online stability, but a new patch has just been released that might have addressed some of these issues.

...kinda split on whether to pick this up down the line for cheap or not bother at all.
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Pixel_Enemy  +   931d ago
I am sick of people talking shit on a game they haven't tried personally. Waiting for reviews isn't going to prove anything. It is not a full fledged console release but it will be unfairly compared to one by all of the reviewers anyway.

I bought it for myself to make my own opinion of it and am very happy with it so far.
ronin4life  +   931d ago
I hope you.aren't referring to the metacritic spambot reviews...-_-;;
chazjamie  +   931d ago
this was expected.
Snookies12  +   931d ago
Lol why all the disagrees? I wanted the game to be good, I really did. Though hearing that they hadn't shipped out review copies before the game even released was concerning and made me lean towards it ending up with bad reviews.
SIX  +   931d ago
It's a really good COD game actually. I understand why it's getting hammered because of the lack of content. Very similar to ridge racer in this respect. I'm going to look past this because of how fun the online is. If you like COD you will love this. Finally, you can play CoD in bed. I never thought I would live to see the day:p. I'm hoping for some more maps and maybe a zombie mode. That would pretty much seal the deal and make this the killer app for the vita.
ritsuka666  +   931d ago

No suprise..To me it just seems a bit rushed this game, and it does not look interesting overall. And since the devs is the same as Resistance Burning Shit... lol
Kaneda  +   931d ago
Is this person playing MOH and thinking it is COD? :)
bubblebeam  +   931d ago
I thought Burning Skies was good. Then again I am a Resistance fanboy ;)

People who are waiting for a good FPS multiplayer on the VITA should just wait. Killzone Mercenary is coming out next year, but I'm still not sure whether it is having MP.

I do know that it is being made by Guerrilla games and is using the Killzone 3 engine.
NonShinyGoose  +   931d ago
Good review. Never a good sign when the reviewer has to purchase their own copy.
eferreira  +   931d ago
a lot of people on youtube actually like the game
NonShinyGoose  +   931d ago
Probably because they've just forked out £44.99 for it.
Pixel_Enemy  +   931d ago
So did the reviewer so your point fails.

I have it and love it. I am not even a fan of the COd franchise and I am having a great time on multiplayer. I was worried at first because Resistance sucked so bad in my opinion. But Declassified is the shooter the dual analog sticks were made for on the vita.
NewMonday  +   931d ago

that would actually make gamers more critical of a game, they would really be upset if the game was not decent
LOGICWINS  +   931d ago
A lot of people on Youtube also like Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne...your point?
XabiDaChosenOne  +   930d ago
Such a vague comparison I don't even..wtf...You know what, just delete your profile and start a new one under a different name. Logic wins but yours loses, BIG TIME!
andibandit  +   931d ago
The game is just a washed down bo2, get bo2 instead
rezzah  +   931d ago
Vita games are not meant to be an exact replica of console games, just the closest quality to can get to one on the go.

If you want to buy BOD then buy it as its own game, not as a replacement for Bo2 (which is dumb).
Der_Kommandant  +   931d ago
Nothing to do here.

*flies away
rezzah  +   931d ago
dafegamer  +   931d ago
i call bs cause alot of user on youtube like this game
knifefight  +   931d ago
While we're all entitled to our own opinions...
A lot of people on YouTube are also vocal racists and neo-nazis, so let's be careful about citing YouTube opinions as some kind of epic trump-card counterpoint to...anything.
Someone liking something or disliking something on YouTube doesn't mean we all have to have the same opinion.

(I have not played this game and am not expressing any judgement on it, simply pointing out the logical flaw in "Well Youtube people like it so...")
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NonShinyGoose  +   931d ago
Likely that they're just trying to defending their purchase. Nobody likes buying a new game to find that it's a turkey.
sdozzo  +   931d ago
"a lot"
Godchild1020  +   931d ago
From the beginning of the review, it comes off as the reviewer is mad that he had to buy the game instead of getting a free (review) copy. The game is short, and could be beaten in an hour on regular (easy) difficulty. The guy is mad that he couldn't pass the second level for an hour, I had that problem, but only on Veteran mode.

I don't think he even mentioned the other modes in the game. The game doesn't deserve a 4, it's far better than Resistance Burning skies and that is what this game should be compared to. I'm defending this game because I have it and know its better than a 4 and I dislike FPSs. At first I was like if I didn't like the game, I would have Road to Victory to play as well. I'm satisfied with my purchase.

This is the reviewers opinion and he has the right to give the score and the review he gave. I have the same right to say this review is a Joke.
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Starfox811  +   931d ago
I'm pretty sure that the reviewer isn't miffed at having to spend the money on purchasing the game for review as the cost will be covered by PG I'm sure. Yes he's miffed that Activision's PR didn't get a copy out to him, but that clearly hasn't changed how he thought of the game, just provided an insight to how Activision view their own product.

Also, there's plenty of reports on Twitter of people finishing it all in 45 minutes or so.
Godchild1020  +   931d ago
I know it could be beaten in 45 minutes to an hour. But that is just one mode, he didn't mention any of the other modes other than the MP. Which makes it come off as if he went in with a set mind to give a bad review and rushed to beat the game.

I don't base my purchases off paid reviews. What I mean by that is; games that are reviewed by people that gets paid to review them.

Also the MP is what COD has always been about. This game would be bad for those that don't have access to an internet connection.
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Starfox811  +   931d ago
I imagined it was going to be bad but damn this sounds like a really rather broken game. At least the online is good when it wants to work... if you can say that's a positive thing.

You can understand why Nihilistic announced that they'd be stopping with console development, changing their name to NStigate and instead focus on the mobile market. I think they know they've released too stinkers in a short space of time.
porkChop  +   931d ago
If you look at metacritic, the general consensus on ALL the games they've developed is pretty much that they're complete shit. The average score between all their games is 61.7/100. And that's not including CoD. They claimed that they were switching to mobile development and changing their name because the market for retail boxed products is too hard to compete in.

But here's the thing, switching to mobile development is one thing. But if that was really the only reason they were switching, then they wouldn't be changing their name too. The only reason to change your companies name is because you know you have a horrible reputation. Nihilistic are a bunch of cowards, changing their name and running before the game was even released. Nihilistic said that they're working on patch 1.02, and then after that they won't be supporting the game anymore. Any future support will be coming from Activision instead, so expect patches but not DLC support.
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Starfox811  +   929d ago
Yeah with the direction change they have no real need to support the game. Hopefully Activision will do something properly with Declassified. It did only have a five - six month development window though as Nihilistic didn't begin work on it until Burning Skies had finished.

Nihilisic aren't a shit developer, an average of 61/100 doesn't make them shit, it actually makes them above average - and thus well above being shit. They just have an unfortunate time with development of big games due to being a small studio. There's a reason why they're trusted with such stuff.

The name change is understandable, it probably is to shake their reputation, but again that makes sense. It's not a cowardly move at all, it's a sensible one. They're a business and they want to have business. Anyone who knows the name and is in the industry should know who they are anyway so the name change isn't the biggest of deals. It'll really affect the consumer more than the publisher - and let's be honest here, the majority of consumers look at the publisher name over who actually developed the god damn game.
objdadon  +   931d ago
And once again the vita game hate. That's why once I saw actual gameplay I went ahead and picked this up and I'm absolutely having a ball playing it! It's cod on the vita! A very good first to get this series started on the vita and it shits on any so called cod game on any other mobile device! Fuck a review!
spok22  +   931d ago
i just took a huge plunge and bought it... im more of a bf kinda guy but a shooter like this on the go is far too tempting. Hope its worth it.
Pixel_Enemy  +   931d ago
It is, trust me. It is the shooter the dual analog sticks were put on the vita for.
DrDeath  +   931d ago
Wow a 4? this is just ridiculous and pathetic. this game kills any other gane available right now. its the best FPS on a handheld. i have a NAT1 connection and i have zero issues playing online. everything is perfect. sometimes people take a full clip or two to put down due to some lag im guessing but thats it. its awesome im very impressed and it far exceeded my expectations. I dont need to read this review to see its a joke and is hoping on the hate wagon as of late. WTF is up with these reviewers? anyone who thinks its junk is guessing and didnt play it.
sdozzo  +   931d ago
More like a 7 or 8
The_Tr0ll17  +   931d ago
Someone is butt hurt for not getting a review copy.
ronin4life  +   931d ago
...so, he enjoyed the game but decided to crap on it only because he had to buy it and have his work reimburse him?

In what world does that make sense? If he liked it, then he would want others to enjoy it as well.
The_Tr0ll17  +   931d ago
Most likely.
psvitamanfan  +   931d ago
Another review with a near enough identical score -
Chapulin  +   931d ago
I got it and it's really good. Plus you get Call of Duty Roads to Victory for free. If you like COD you cannot go wrong with this purchase.
spok22  +   931d ago
what if you buy on psn?
Kingthrash360  +   931d ago
This game will get bad ratings simply because the cheap ass reviewer had to buy a copy... I have runs great plays great looks great ... For a handheld. These guys are butt hurt, u can tell its because it wasn't free. I've played many games online w no prob. A couple of drops from lobby's you know just like the console versions. It plays smooth its very fun, very cod. Best fps on any handheld in my opinion. I'm not saying to buy it tho, its whatever. But you will miss out on this all because of some guy who's mad because he had to pay like the rest of us.
GraveLord  +   931d ago
This website is extremely obsessed with phones/tablets.
Don't take this review too seriously.
ALLWRONG  +   931d ago
More than just this one site giving low scores
BigStef71  +   931d ago
Its biased because this game is probably the best FPS on a handheld and gets a really low score indicating its almost unplayable while garbage FPS games on IOS made by the king of ripoffs gameloft with touch screen analog controls that are unresponsive making the game unenjoyable gets a score in the 8-9 range. Yea the campaign is an hour long on the easiest difficulty. It takes quite awhile to beat the game on the harder difficulties. Plus this game has so much replayability with hostiles mode and multiplayer. Im pretty sure people will be buying this game for multiplayer so the campaign length is the least of our worries
BigStef71  +   931d ago
I know right? They give the crappy gameloft COD ripoff games for ios with lack of physical controls much better ratings than this game which is probably the best FPS on a handheld. Very biased review. Reviewers need to stop comparing the games to home console games and should admire the fact they got a game like this to work on a handheld
Just two very biased reviews so far. It honestly doesn't matter because people who own this game say its good and from what I have seen it looks good so
I am getting this game regardless of what the rest of the reviews are
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ALLWRONG  +   931d ago
How are they biased? The game takes less than an hour to complete.
spok22  +   931d ago
Been playing it for bout an hour now. Yup! It sucks!
jokia005  +   931d ago
People always compare Vita and PS3/360
not fair
Moncole  +   930d ago
Thats because Sony advertised it as a console in your hands.
izumo_lee  +   931d ago
'We didn't get a review copy of the game in before launch, or even on launch day. We had to go out and buy our own copy'

Ok what has that got to do with reviewing a game at all?! So you guys didn't get a review copy & had to buy it....boo hoo! Welcome to the real world!

A reviewer who first writes down his complaints about having to 'buy' the game should not be taken seriously at all i am sorry.
againstblindfanboys   931d ago | Spam
jon1234  +   931d ago
Damn i bought this game today and i played an online match waiting for my bus, god damn time flew by so fast! I then played other matches while waiting for a group at school... And i had a blast!
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DrDeath  +   931d ago
He talks about getting booted and bad connections. i have a fairly slow internet provider but i still didnt recieve any lag. sometimes a enemy would become a bullet sponge but that could be on their end 2. either way the multiplayer works perfect for me on NAT1 or NAT2 internet connections. dunno about NAT3 i heard someone couldnt play because of that so maybe thats the issue. People need to learn how to set up their routers
rasecmask  +   930d ago
I was playing a lot, and I have to say...this reviews doesn't make justice to the game at all! I play COD on PCs as in consoles, and this game felt just right! Of course it have bugs for a rushed title, but overall it's a great title! I Hope it gets more support! Congrats devs!
againstblindfanboys   930d ago | Spam
nugnugs  +   930d ago
Don't care if its good or bad, whatever. £45 for a handheld game with not much content? Love my Vita and cant wait for Ragnarok and persona, but £45!! Why do you pay this much people? WHY?
TheDude79  +   930d ago
I dont understand how this game is getting 4's? I agree, the SP is pretty short, but I found the game entertaining, and I enjoy going back and trying to get 3 stars on all the missions. The "Horde" mode feels a bit tacked on, wish it had zombies. However, the biggest surprise is the MP, I think its pretty fun actually. It feels like COD, and it helps give me my fix while at work on my breaks and lunches. Its not a game I'd want to play for 5 or 6 hours, cause if I wanted that, Id play Black Ops 2 on a console! 7.5/10

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