Are Wii U Rounded Discs The Greatest Gaming Innovation Ever?

Why the new Wii U disc design will once again claim Nintendo as king. Parody of Nintendo fanboys.

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Jadedz2020d ago

Dang... it's funny, but may be a little too extreme for some xD.

Jinkies2020d ago

I know....they kind of do act like this though

"Nintendo invented God himself you know"

Thepcz2020d ago

so nintendo are the chosen ones.

god instructs nintendo.

god helps nintendo.

god gives nintendo business advice.

god is part of nintendos research and development department

nintendo does gods work

nintendo is an extension of god

nintendo is god

god is nintendo

god sacrificed his only son so you can play wiiu


cannon88002020d ago

Doesn't "nintendo" mean, leave luck to heaven?

Mounce2019d ago

NINTENDO, Y U SO INNOVATIVE GENIUSES!1!?1 Sony is totally just going to copy this and it would fucking create World War 3 between the fanboys all around the world, mark my words. EXTREEEEEME.

NovusTerminus2020d ago

lol, good read!

And also, Nintendo might want to watch out! Apple copyrighted rounded edged...

FinalomegaS2020d ago

rounded edge on the handheld hardware,

you know you brought up a great point. Apple being this big copyright suing machine. Hope they never go into console gaming, they'll be sued for everything.

PopRocks3592020d ago

Love the picture they used.

Farsendor12020d ago

still don't know how the cow,sheep,lemming thing got started on gamespot. anyways disc don't really matter to me i would rather download the games.

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The story is too old to be commented.