Zynga Chief Financial Officer Leaves For Facebook

GR writes: "Just a year ago, Zynga was looking like the next great success story. However, that story has quickly changed culture in a matter of months, and yet another one of its officers has left the company."

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Sev1777d ago

We are witnessing the downfall of Zynga, and a perfect example at how unstable the mobile/facebook market can be.

alexcosborn1777d ago

Can't say I'm all too surprised/disappointed.

knifefight1777d ago

I can't say I even know what Zynga IS....

dbjj120881777d ago

As is any new market. I think people forget how recently these companies sprung up.

dbjj120881777d ago

I have started playing Words with Friends again, but it's not the same anyway. They need to change up their business model fast.

ronin4life1777d ago

Rats are the first to know when a ship starts sinking...

You know your screwed when an excess of rats are in the ocean rather than on your boat...

JonnyBigBoss1777d ago

It's never good to see job loss or failure, but Zynga definitely outgrew itself.

insertcoin1777d ago

Yep, Zynga just grew way too fast. Kinda like Boston Market on the East Coast.

lodossrage1777d ago

Facebook is slowly falling apart as well.

So, he left one company that's falling apart for another one that just isn't falling apart "as fast"?

Dovahkiin1777d ago

True, but it makes sense money wise. And not very many people can put Facebook on their resume/CV