Ubisoft comments on the PC version of Assassin's Creed 3: PC controls will be fine

DSOGaming writes: "In a Reddit IAMA discussion, Ubisoft's employees have revealed some interesting new information about the PC version of Assassin's Creed 3. According to Gabe Graziani, Ubisoft's Community Developer, the PC version will be packed with DX11 features, and that all the bug fixes - that will be coming to the console versions - will be available from the get-go."

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nofallouthero1891d ago

i hope its fine since its a month late

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1890d ago

AC2 is the worst. Press head or arm or legs. Instead saying shift or press E. So dumb.

kevnb1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

i found the controls int the previous games to be pretty good after getting used to them. Being a pc gamer most my life I prefer mouse and keyboard to gamepad most times.

Enate1890d ago

keyword in that statement is most of the time. Sometimes a different input method is just a better choice for some games.

kevnb1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

ya, i dont like mouse and keyboard for racing games. And I like the old joysticks for flying games. Im not saying people shouldnt use gamepads for assassins creed or other games, just that the mouse and keyboard controls arent all that bad.

Spinal1890d ago

I use a wired 360 pad for my PC which has made so many games now playable on my pc. I've only ever bought creed games on my 360 but now it's all about my pc with this pad. I plug it in an it recognises the controls right away. It's awesome.

Pre ordered my pc version of creed 3 and I'm rdy and waiting.

xYLeinen1890d ago

But why tho would you use Mouse / Keyboard for AC on PC? Sure, I support that having good controls on PC is a given, but why is it a topic?